Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 20 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 20

Zachary drew close and faintly uttered.

“Kay.” Serenity went with him.

As the couple walked together without a word, Serenity wanted to make conversation. However, that ever solemn and tensed face with an invisible “keep out” sign on that forehead of his was off-putting.

His talent would go to waste if he did not become a school teacher. With a face like that, he could easily keep the children in check.

A short while later, they arrived at the market. Serenity directed Zachary to park the car in an empty lot. After getting down from the car, she told him, “Come on. Let’s have breakfast.”

Without a peep, Zachary followed behind her.

The great Zachary York was out of place for his first trip to the market, but he rolled with it and hid his discomfort from Serenity.

The pair ordered a bagel sandwich each, and Serenity requested extra toppings for herself. Still, the bagel sandwich did not quell Serenity’s hunger.

Zachary took his time with his food, observing exemplary table manners to the tee. It was a mouthwatering and appetizing experience to watch him eat. If it were not because she was afraid Zachary would criticize her binge eating, she could have ordered some greasy bacon and fried potatoes.

“You can order whatever you want if you’re not full.”

Zachary could tell she wanted more. With that appetite of hers, a bagel sandwich with extra toppings was barely scratching the surface.

Last night at the party, she did not stop shoving food down her throat for over an hour.

Not only that, but she also brought cranberries home for dessert.

Despite her slender figure that could pass as a model, the girl could really eat. God knows where all that food went.

“I’m full, but watching you eat makes me hungry.”

Zachary frowned. “Hehe. Don’t be mad. I’m complimenting the way you eat. Just by looking at you, I feel like you’re feasting on a gourmet meal. I got the craving to join in.”

Zachary stared at Serenity speechlessly before turning his attention back to his bagel sandwich,

He was only going at a snail’s pace because he could not get used to the food.

After the couple was done eating, Serenity led him around. Instead of heading straight to the florist, Serenity went to a nearby 24-hour ATM for cash withdrawals. Zachary watched as Serenity took out the debit card from her purse. Serenity had a good memory and had already memorized the PIN he wrote down. Inserting the card into the teller, Serenity punched the PIN and checked on the account balance. It was ten thousand dollars. Ten thousand dollars were enough for her to get essential houseware.

“Let me know if the money isn’t enough. I’ll wire it to the account.”

It’s more than enough. We don’t need a lot for a two-person household. I was just wondering about the balance so I can stay within budget.”

Serenity had to spare some for living expenses apart from furnishings.

She had checked on her kitchenware order. It was arriving tomorrow.

Anyway. Serenity would be cooking up a storm for the in-laws on the day of their visit.

“Let’s go to the florist.”

Serenity put the debit card back in the purse before taking Zachary to a florist close by.

There were a few florists near the market and business was booming. They would open their shops early considering their location adjacent to the market and the high footfall in the mornings and evenings.

Serenity first asked Zachary about his flower preference. Learning he had none, Serenity bought many potted plants to her liking. She also purchased two plant stands to assemble later at home.

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