Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 22 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 22

Serenity figured senior white collars like Zachary could enjoy a special privilege or two.

Pulling out the debit card, Serenity gave it to Zachary and urged,” Don’t forget to bargain the price to half with the florist.”

Zachary stuffed the debit card back into her hands. “I have money.”

Serenity looked at him curiously and left the subject at that.

Since she had to get to her sister’s place, Serenity reminded Zachary to get the best deals before grabbing her keys and rushed out

Unbeknownst to her, her man waited until she was gone before taking a short video of the balcony to send it to the Yorks’ estate’s head gardener, Henry.

It did not take long for Henry to return the call.


“You’ve seen the video, Henry. How many pots of flowers do you think I need to turn the balcony into a mini garden? Pick a few cheaper ones in your greenhouse. I’m looking for the fast growing kind with huge and intricate petals. Deliver them to unit 808 on the eighth floor of block B at Brynfield.”

While getting flowers with Serenity, Zachary noticed that she was drawn to big blooms with elaborated corolla. She did not care for the generic petal shapes.

“I’ll need you to file a list of charges too.”

Henry replied, “… Sure.”

“Deliver them by this evening.”

“Definitely, sir.”

Mr. Zachary’s words were his command.

“Move them upstairs to the balcony. Don’t worry about the rest.”

It was up to Serenity to arrange the flowers to her liking. She might not like it if he took over her vision.

Henry acknowledged courteously.

Zachary quickly hung up the call.

The unsuspecting Serenity got takeout breakfast for her sister and nephew like yesterday. Feeling the bliss, she even bought her nephew a children’s battery-powered bike.

“Ant Swer.”

Serenity was greeted by Sonny’s beautiful voice the moment she stepped into the house.

“Sonny, why are you up so early today? Come and see what I got you.”


Her nephew, Sonny, had limited vocabulary as he was only two years old. Sonny toddled over and circled the battery-powered bike, expressing his joy through his actions rather than words.

Liberty came out of the bathroom, after having tossed hers and her husband’s clothes into the washing machine. Her son’s clothes were hand-washed though.

“Seren, you spent your money on unnecessary stuff again.”

“I bought my little nephew a toy. That’s not unnecessary.”

Putting down the breakfast takeouts, Serenity went to pick her nephew up and put him on the battery-powered bike. She taught Sonny how to ride the bike.

Sonny was a bright child, quickly getting the hang of riding the bike around the living room.

“Liberty, I bought you and Sonny breakfast.”

“I set an alarm last night, so I could get up early this morning to make breakfast. Your brother-in-law had a hearty meal before leaving for work.”

Liberty’s face beamed as her son was having a blast. “You don’t have to bring us breakfast every time you visit. You’re married now. You have your own family. Your husband might have a problem if you keep spending your money on us.” She did not want Serenity’s life to revolve around her.

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