Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 842 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 842

It was impossible Zachary would allow Clive to come over.

Clive was unaware that Zachary had restricted Serenity’s freedom. Serenity did not think about asking for Clive’s help either. If Clive came over to look for Zachary, he was bound to learn it.

Zachary had no regard for other people.

However, he must not hold Clive and his mother with contempt.

Furthermore, Mrs. Stone was Serenity’s aunt and elder.

She had the right to stand up for Serenity.

“Alright. I’ll let Clive know.”

With that, Josh promptly ended the call. If he had ended it any later, Zachary might ask him for a solution again.

Zachary rejected his suggestions, so what could he do?

Zachary soon left the villa. He told Brandt to remind Serenity to have her breakfast.

He had half the group of security guards to watch the villa in case Serenity escaped when he was away.

Forty minutes later at the CEO’s office in York Corporation.

Zachary and Clive entered the office practically one after another.

Zachary walked directly to his desk and sat on the black chair. Clive, who was following behind, planted himself in the seat next to him abrasively.

Mr. Chaplin poured a glass of warm water for each of them. Then, he acted like an invisible person and left.

The two CEOs had nasty expressions on their faces. Even Josh did not dare involve himself in the situation, much less Mr. Chaplin.

“Zachary, did you listen to what I said? Elisa hasn’t completely gotten over you, yet you were already frank with Serenity. Have you ever thought about Elisa’s feelings? Elisa is coming back tomorrow. If she knows that her best friend is her love rival who snatches her beloved man, she’ll get mad.”

Clive was particularly angry.

He spoke quite brutally.

Ever since Zachary’s identity was exposed, Serenity’s reaction had not been reported. Clive thought of contacting Serenity, but she had turned off her phone. He was under the false impression that Serenity did so as she wanted to avoid being disturbed by the media.

He was also under the false impression that she was thrilled to find out that Zachary was ‘the‘ Zachary York. After all, Zachary was wealthy and had high social standing.

Which woman would hate to marry the young and handsome Zachary? Being Zachary’s wife meant that one could enjoy unlimited wealth.

Therefore, Clive dragged Serenity into the subject while criticizing Zachary. He felt that his cousin was only concerned about love and neglected Elisa’s feelings. What was worse, she even added insult to injury.

Clive took pity on his sister the most.

Zachary stared at Clive and said gravely, “My marriage with Seren is our affair. It has nothing to do with your sister. I guess it’s my choice to be frank whenever I want. Why do I need to care about your feelings?

“If I care about Elisa’s feelings, who’s going to care about mine? I’ve never promised Elisa anything or accepted her love. I don’t owe her, so why should I care about her feelings? If she can’t get over me at all, does it mean that I can never be frank with Seren?

“Clive, I know you’re Seren’s cousin, and both of you aren’t close. It’s understandable that you favor your sister. Having said that, don’t hurt your cousin.

“She knows nothing. I didn’t let her know before I agreed to have the interview. She hasn’t the slightest idea what’s happening. What gives you the right to criticize her?” Clive’s lips parted. He was unable to refute Zachary’s claims.


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