Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 845 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 845

“It’s not a big deal now even though Serenity brought up the divorce because she hasn’t taken action. All she did was draft a divorce agreement. As long as you haven’t received the agreement, there’s still a chance to turn back. It depends on how you handle it.

“Give it some thought. I’ll go out and get you some food. Look at yourself. After a night, you lost the vitality you used to have. You look spiritless, and I sympathize with you.

“Alas, why aren’t you in love with me instead? If you are, I guarantee that you won’t be facing these troubles.”

Zachary grabbed something from the desk and hurled it at Josh. He could not help but taunt, “I’m straight. Stop tricking me. If Ms. Sox finds out about it, you’ll have to forget about getting together with her.” After Josh saw him smile, he said, “Now that you can laugh, I’m relieved.” He left and bought his best friend some food.

It warmed Zachary’s heart.

He was extremely fortunate to have Josh as his buddy.

When Zachary was alone in the office, he rose to his feet and walked to the window. He gazed at the tall buildings in the distance.

They said one could see the bigger picture when they took a step back.

Was he driving her into a corner?

Could he see the bigger picture if he took two steps back?

As Zachary reflected on Josh’s and his sister–in–law’s advice, he was aware that his behavior was actually ruining his relationship with Serenity.

His sister–in–law, Jasmine, and Josh told him that Serenity was the sort who would accept reality. However, she needed to regain her composure at the moment.

According to his sister–in–law, Serenity resembled a heap of sand in his hand. The more he gripped it, the quicker the sand leaked through his fingers.

Those who advised him had been indirectly reminding him that he was overbearing.

Ring, ring, ring…

Zachary’s phone rang.

He looked at the incoming call and realized that it was Brandt calling him.

Worried that something might happen to Serenity, Zachary promptly answered the call.

“Mr. Zachary, the missus’s friend, Ms. Sox, is here…”

“What brings her there?”

“Ms. Sox sent a truck of chickens and ducks to the missus. The missus said that she has lost her freedom, so all she can do is rear some chickens in the villa to pass the time.”

Zachary was speechless.

“Besides chickens and ducks, there are also cats and dogs. The dogs are huskies… I reminded the missus that you dislike furry animals, but she seemed to turn a deaf ear to my words.”

Zachary fell quiet momentarily before he responded, “Tell the missus that I’m going back now. Ask Ms. Sox not to release the animals from the truck. Ask her to wait for my return first.”


After ending the call, Zachary sighed and mumbled, “Seren, I’m willing to tolerate everything you’re doing, but I would like us to spend the rest of our lives together and not torture each other.

After sticking his phone back into his pocket, he glanced at the sky and ground in the distance and made up his mind. He turned around and walked away from the window. He strode out of his office.

Mr. Chaplin was standing at the door of the office with a pile of documents in his arms.”

“Mr. York, you’d need to handle these documents on your own,” Mr. Chaplin said reluctantly.


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