Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 852 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 852


If Zachary did not explain clearly, his mother would actually arrange a blind date for him and cause misunderstandings.

He said in a low voice, “When I said Serenity left with her sister, I meant she went back for a small period of time to calm down. She’s not leaving forever. I won’t allow her to not come back either.”

God knew how difficult it was for him to let go and allow her to follow her sister home.

“I also need time to calm down, but it’s hard for me, so I want to jump into the pool and take a dip. Maybe that will help cool me down. I’m not trying to harm myself to gain her sympathy.”

Tania blinked and asked, “You’re not divorced yet?”

“Do you want me to get a divorce?”

“Yes and no. I’ve always felt that you two weren’t compatible. Your social circles are completely different. It’ll be very hard for Serenity to squeeze in. Perhaps you two can’t understand that now and don’t know what it feels like, so you’re able to get along well in the beginning. However, you’ll see what I mean when you take Serenity out to socialize, talk about business, and attend various parties, fundraisers, and other activities.

“You may be fine as long as you’re thick–skinned and aren’t afraid of people laughing at you, but Serenity will have it worse. Not even the wives of the nouveau riche can squeeze into the circle of ladies from high society, let alone Serenity. She’ll easily be ostracized, ridiculed, and mocked.

Tania had lived her whole life in a wealthy family and usually befriended noblewomen with a status similar to hers. She would greet the ladies with a status inferior to hers with a nod, but she could not accept them into her circle.

Not many people could be so down–to–earth like Grandma May.

“However, you’ve fallen in love with her, so I don’t want you to divorce. I’m afraid you’ll remain a bachelor for life if you divorce. There’s no mother out there who wishes for their son to be a bachelor forever, let alone such an exceptional brat… I mean man.”

Tania quickly corrected herself when her son looked at her sullenly. It must be because she spent too much time with her mother–in–law recently. The old lady was a bad influence on her.

“You two have been married for almost five months, but you still don’t have a baby. If you did, you could just remain a bachelor. We can die in peace because at least you’ll still have your child to take care of you when we pass on. However, you don’t have a child yet.

“Zack, have you two gone to the hospital to check on your health?”

“We’re capable of having a child, Mom.”

Zachary emphasized that he was in very good health.

“Serenity is also very healthy. We were just a couple in name. How would we have a child?”

Tania choked.

“I’m fine, Mom. Go play chess with Dad. I’ll swim to calm myself down. I won’t abuse myself.”

Zachary took off his clothes, ignoring his mother’s obstructions, and jumped into the pool.

Once he was underwater… God, it was freezing!

“Zack, Zack! Gosh, you never listen!”

Tania scolded him and shouted in the direction of the house. “Mom, Mom! Your darling grandson jumped into the pool!”

Zachary choked on a mouthful of water.

His elegant mother must have been influenced by his nana.

The distance was far, and Grandma May was lying in her room pretending to be sick, so she could not hear.

When Tania saw that it was useless even after shouting twice, she left her son behind and quickly went into the house.

She could not persuade her son, so she had to ask Grandma May to step in. She felt her son was trying to get sick so that her daughter–in–law would feel distressed.

When Grandma May heard that Zack jumped into the outdoor pool in this cold weather, she could not pretend to be sick anymore. She sprung from bed and put on a jacket while responding to her daughter–in–law, “I’ll call him back. That little brat.

Even if he wants me to feel guilty and blame myself, he doesn’t have to jump into the pool on a cold day.”

Tania thought, ‘So this is between the pair of grandmother and grandson?‘’


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