Married at First Sight Chapter 1621 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1621 by desirenovel– “Your mother is out to do something, and she will be back soon.” Duncan lied.

“We’re waiting outside for mom to come back.” Sonny snorted.

After Duncan went down to the first floor with Sonny in his arms, he asked Sonny again: “Sonny, what snacks would you like to eat? Uncle Duncan will buy them for you.”

Sonny: “Thank you Uncle Duncan, my aunt has many delicious snacks at home, no need to buy it again.”

Now Sonny spent most of the night at his aunt’s house, and Uncle Jim would send him to class in the morning, and he would live with his mother only when he didn’t have to go to class.

His aunt and uncle loved Sonny very much and bought him a lot of delicious snacks.

“The ones from your aunt’s house are from your aunt’s house. What Uncle Duncan bought for you is Uncle Duncan’s wish. Sonny, you have to give Uncle Duncan a chance to show off.”

Sonny looked at Duncan. He didn’t quite understand the meaning of Duncan’s words.

Duncan didn’t explain further, but asked Sonny: “Sonny, have you ever thought about letting Uncle Duncan be your father?”

Sonny: “I have a father.”

After he choked, Duncan said, “I know you have a father, everyone has a father, but some people are exceptions, there will be two fathers, do you want to have two fathers? May I be your father?”

Sonny shook his head, “Uncle Duncan, you are my uncle, how could you be my father?”

He continued: “It is enough for me to have one father. I don’t want two fathers. My mother always taught me that I should not be too greedy in life. I should leave some for others. Uncle Duncan, you can be someone else’s father. Let’s go.”

Duncan: “…”

This little guy was smart, but unfortunately he was too young to say it clearly.

“Sonny, Uncle Duncan means this. Uncle Duncan likes your mother very much and wants to marry your mother and form a new family. Then we will be a family of three. You can call me Dad.”

Sonny: “But I have a father. Do you want to marry my mother as your wife?”

Duncan smiled: “Yes, will you agree with me being with your mother?”

“My mother wants to be with me!” Sonny was the first to declare that his mother was his!

“You must be with your mother. Your uncle Duncan wants to join your and mother’s small family. Do you agree?”

Sonny looked at Duncan and said nothing.

Duncan asked patiently: “Sonny, do you like Uncle Duncan?”

Sonny: “Yes, but I have a father.”

Duncan: “…But your father and your mother are divorced.”

Sonny: “Mom said that even if she divorces my father, my father will still be my father.”

Duncan was speechless.

Sonny: “Mom, my mother is here.”

Sonny, who was carried away by Duncan, looked far away, saw his mother coming, and immediately said happily to Duncan: “Uncle Duncan, my mother is here to pick me up, wait a while Ask my mother, my mother agrees you to join me and my mother’s family, so I agree.”

In fact, Sonny still didn’t understand the meaning of Duncan’s words.

But he knew that he was just a little kid, he was easy to be coaxed, and it was better for his mother to decide everything. His mother was an adult, so it was not so easy to be coaxed.

As long as mother agreed, Sonny had no objection.

Sonny really liked to play with Duncan now.

But Sonny felt that by allowing Duncan to be his father, he wasn’t being overly ungrateful. He no longer desired to have a father if he already had one. Let’s reserve it for the kids who didn’t have father figures.

However, Duncan stopped and looked in the direction Sonny pointed, and he really saw Liberty walking into the shopping mall from outside.


The guilty Duncan told Sonny quickly: “Sonny, don’t tell your mother what Uncle Duncan said to you just now, do you understand?”

Sonny: “Why?”

“Because this is Sonny and your Uncle’s little secret, the little secret is that we two can know it, don’t tell others, not even your mother.”

Sonny said: “But mother is not someone else, she is my mother.”

Duncan choked again.

He patiently explained it to Sonny several times. After Sonny seemed to understand, he asked Duncan: “Uncle Duncan, are you afraid to ask my mother? Don’t be afraid. I will help you ask my mother.”

Duncan: “No.”


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