Married at First Sight Chapter 1623 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1623 by desirenovel– Duncan was embarrassed because of Sonny’s words, and so was Liberty.

Liberty looked at Duncan.

Duncan grinned at her.

Liberty was speechless, she was silent, also thinking about how to answer her son.

“Mom.” Sonny’s childish voice sounded again, “Mom, do you disagree?”

“Sonny.” Liberty said gently, “Sonny, you have a father now. Uncle Duncan is your Uncle, and has always been Uncle Duncan.”

“Liberty.” Duncan called out.

“Duncan, Sonny is still young, he is not sensible, don’t tell him these things. My life is not decided by Sonny for me.” When Liberty said this, she was extremely serious.

Duncan said apologetically: “Liberty, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have said that to Sonny right now. However, Liberty, I am sincere to you, and I also sincerely like Sonny, and I will treat Sonny as the same as my own.”

Liberty: “Duncan, as I said, I don’t think about feelings now.”

Facing Duncan, Liberty calmly said, “I hope you can understand, and I hope you will give up your heart.”

Duncan was right, even if Mrs. Lewis reluctantly agreed to her son, if she didn’t like Liberty, she didn’t like her, and after she passed through the door, the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law would always exist.

Liberty couldn’t change her origin. Besides, she really didn’t think about remarrying.

Just like what she said to Grandma May, she felt that marriage did not bring her happiness, but only hurt and pain, only her dedication and sacrifice, and what she got was betrayal.

After a slump in her marriage, she finally struggled to get out, so why did she jump in again?

It’s not that she couldn’t live without a man now.

Duncan: “Why is it not suitable? Liberty, what did my mother tell you? Did she force you to stay away from me?”

Liberty: “Mrs. Lewis didn’t say anything, but I think we are not suitable. Duncan, you are so kind to me. I am very grateful, but I don’t love you and don’t want to accept you, just don’t want to accept, just like you don’t accept Lily.”

Duncan opened his mouth, but he didn’t know how to refute Liberty.

He was not as smooth-tongued as Josh. When meeting the woman he was attracted to, his eloquence was even worse. What he wanted to express, he couldn’t always find good words to describe and organize the language to say it.

He would tell Liberty most bluntly that he loved Liberty and was pursuing Liberty for the purpose of marriage, not playing with Liberty.

“Duncan, thank you for taking care of Sonny for me. I’ll take Sonny home first.” Liberty said, holding her son and leaving.

She rode the car and left the mall quickly.

Duncan didn’t stop her, let alone catch up with her again, just stood there, watching Liberty leave silently, watching the mother and son’s figures quickly blend into the night.

Liberty took his son back to the rented house, changed the car keys, took his son’s little hand again, and said to his son, “Sonny, mom will take you to your aunt’s house.”


Sonny was only three years old, there were many things he said that he couldn’t understand, but he would watch his mom’s face.

His mom was not happy. He hugged his mom’s leg, raised his little face, his big black and bright eyes were flickering with fear, he was afraid that he was the one who made his mom unhappy.

“Mom, is it wrong?” Sonny asked timidly.

Liberty squatted down, hugged his son, and then let go of him.

“Sonny, you are right.” Liberty said softly, “Sonny, you did the right thing, you already have a father, we are not greedy, we don’t want two fathers.”

“But you’re not happy because I asked that question, you also don’t look very friendly to Uncle Duncan. Mom, I like Uncle Duncan, but he’s not my father.”


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