Married at First Sight Chapter 1624 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1624 by desirenovel– Sonny was very stubborn.

Just like when Hank spoke ill of Duncan in front of him.

Sonny insisted that Uncle Duncan was terrible, but Uncle Duncan was not a bad person, no matter what his father told him, he would not change his opinion of Uncle Duncan.

“Mom is not unhappy. Mom was thinking about something just now.” Liberty smiled, “Look, mom is smiling.”

Sonny was smart and sensitive.

Sonny looked at Liberty and smiled, and believed her words, and Liberty was not angry because of his words.

“Mom, is it true that Uncle Duncan wants to marry you?” Sonny asked his mom about this topic as soon as he was relieved.

Liberty: “…”

Duncan really told Sonny everything.

How old was Sonny, what did he know?

Even if Sonny could accept Duncan as his father, his decision couldn’t change Liberty’s decision.

Liberty: “That’s Uncle Duncan teasing you, don’t take it seriously.”

Sonny snorted, “Uncle Duncan teasing me.”

Liberty: “Let’s go, mom will take you to your aunt’s house.”

Liberty stood up and took Sonny’s little hand again, wanted to send Sonny to her sister.


Sonny was used to waking up at his aunt’s house every day.

Going to Zachary’s villa on the top of the mountain, Liberty didn’t ride the battery car anymore. She was afraid that the battery car would run out of power and it would be very troublesome if it ran out of power halfway.

She drove her new car directly and sent her son to the hilltop villa.

Serenity just finished talking with Jasmine.

Jasmine naturally agreed with expanding investment and buying land to build a company. She said: “Serenity, I completely trust you and Elisa. You have made a decision. Just let me know. I have no objections at all.”

Serenity was very close to her. They had been friends for several years, and the two of them were so good that they could wear the same pair of pants.

Elisa’s character was good, and she was Serenity’s cousin. Jasmine was not worried that Elisa would cheat her as a partner.

“Miss…” Sam the butler walked over to Serenity and said, “Miss, Miss Liberty is here.”

Serenity! hummed, got up and left.

As soon as she got out of the house, she met Liberty and Sonny.

“Sister.” Serenity called her sister, then picked up her nephew and kissed his tender face several times.

Sonny has always been close to his aunt, and when his aunt kissed him, he also kissed his aunt’s face generously.

Soon, Sonny was carried away from his aunt’s arms by big hands.

Sonny hadn’t seen his uncle’s face yet, because after his uncle hugged him, he pressed his head and leaned against his uncle’s shoulder.

When he didn’t know what was going on, he heard his aunt saying to his uncle: “Sonny is here.”

When Sonny could see his uncle’s handsome face, the little guy noticed that his aunt’s face was a little red.

Sonny blinked his eyes wide, not knowing why.

When Sonny kissed his aunt just now, her face was not as red as if she had applied rouge.

“Sonny, Uncle has something to tell you.” Zachary kissed Serenity’s face several times just now, meaning to erase the traces of Sonny.


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