Married at First Sight Chapter 1950 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1950 by desirenovel-However, she kept all this from her adoptive parents and brothers, for fear of being regarded as a vampire by them.

She never thought that she was the daughter of the Farrell family, and she was born to be the daughter of a billionaire family. It was just that her adoptive father played tricks and switched her with Shiloh, causing her to grow up in a harsh environment.

Her biological parents and three older brothers had recognized her, but this did not prevent them from continuing to love Shiloh, a fake daughter.

Shiloh’s father did such a thing, even if her mother punished her, but she couldn’t bear Shiloh, and continued to keep Shiloh in Shiloh’s family as the second lady.

She and Shiloh were born in the same year, month and day, but Shiloh was ten minutes older than her.

Because she was the blood of the Farrell family, she would be the head of the Farrell family in the future, so she was made the oldest lady.

“Young Master Queen.”

Patriarch Farrell was 70 years old, but he was well maintained and looked like in his early fifties.

Beside him was Shiloh, whom he loved and grew up as his own daughter. As soon as Shiloh came, her eyes were glued to Hayden’s body and she couldn’t take her away.

“Young Master Queen, Kathryn didn’t bump into you, did she?”

Patriarch Farrell asked Hayden with concern.

Hayden said: “Mr. Farrell, it was my bodyguard who accidentally bumped into Miss Kathryn. Fortunately, Miss Kathryn is fine.”

Hearing that it was Hayden’s people who bumped into Kathryn, what Patriarch Farrell wanted to say had a different meaning, and he said oh, “It’s okay, our Kathryn grew up in the countryside since she was a child, and she can’t do heavy work. Little, with thick skin and thick flesh, it won’t hurt her.”

The onlookers couldn’t help whispering again.

It is said that after Kathryn returned to the Farrell family, Patriarch Farrell’s feelings for his biological daughter had always been faint. Also, her biological daughter did not grow up by her side, so she had no feelings at all. It was not easy for the ruthless Patriarch Farrell to treat Kathryn well back then.

But, no matter how bad Patriarch Farrell’s relationship with his biological daughter was, he couldn’t say in front of so many people that his biological daughter was thick-skinned.

When Patriarch Farrell and Shiloh came over, Kathryn lowered her head, as if she had done something wrong and was afraid of being scolded, and people couldn’t help but sympathize with her.

Obviously she was the daughter of the Farrell family, Shiloh’s biological father caused Kathryn to suffer so much, and now he still dominated the love of the Farrell family, bullying Kathryn openly and secretly.

People in the Farrell family also looked down on Kathryn, and disliked her for growing up in the countryside, so she couldn’t be on the stage, but the head of the Farrell family only had Kathryn as a daughter, If Kathryn is not allowed to take the throne, there will be no heirs.

No matter how popular and favored Shiloh was, the day her identity was exposed, she lost her qualifications as an heir.

Some old members of the Farrell family, without telling the head of the Farrell family, went around to find out if the two daughters of the previous head of the family were still alive.

Originally, it was not Kathryn’s turn to be the Patriarch of the Farrell family.

They’re just trying to fix it.

It is a pity that the two daughters of the previous head of the family had been missing for decades, and they were looking for them quietly, and there was no news at all until now.


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