Married at First Sight Chapter 1953 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1953 by desirenovel-When Kevin’s voice fell to the ground, Hayden felt panic for a moment.

Kevin actually asked her such a question.

90 percent of her suspicions were right.

Kevin knew she was a woman!

How did he know?

However, Hayden’s panic was only for a moment. Soon, she said firmly: “I am a man! I dare to say that I am a man!”

She had been a man for more than 20 years.

She didn’t think that Kevin could tell her flaws.

Even if Kevin could accurately identify her flaws, she would be able to fix them.

Kevin was still smiling. He bypassed the coffee table, came to Hayden, and looked down at Hayden.

Hayden didn’t like him looking down at her, so she stood up and met Kevin face to face, eye to eye.

It seemed that she was as tall as Kevin.

In fact, Kevin was a little taller than her.

“Mr. Queen, you say you are a man, do you dare to take off your clothes in front of me?”

Kevin’s head tilted forward, approaching Hayden, as long as he moved a little further, he would kiss Hayden.

Hayden looked at him calmly, not flustered by his actions.

Hayden: “Why should I take off my clothes in front of you and show you? Am I shameless?”

Kevin smiled, “Mr. Queen, you dare not take it off, you say you are a man, and I am also a man, then what you have, I also have, why don’t you dare to take it off? There are no outsiders here, even if you take it off, I will not pass it on.”

Hayden’s expression remained the same, “I said that I am a man and I am a man, there is no need to strip naked to prove it to you. Mr. York, you questioned me like this, what evidence do you have to prove that I am not a man?”

She deliberately spoke in a low voice, not to let herself be a sissy.

She also had an Adam’s apple, and in the front was Princess Taiping, who acted like a man.

She had been pretending to be a man for more than 20 years, and only when she was taking a shower would she remember the fact that she was a woman.

Kevin’s gaze slid down from her face, onto her neck, then down, and finally back to her face.

“I have no proof that Mr. Queen is not a man.” Kevin couldn’t tell if she was a man or a woman based on her appearance; the only way was for him to remove her clothes.

Whether Hayden’s a man or a woman, Kevin could see the truth when Hayden take off her clothes.

However, it was impossible for Kevin to forcibly strip Hayden’s clothes.

It was even more impossible for Hayden to take off her clothes in front of him.

Kevin: “Mr. Queen, I just feel that you’re not a man.”

Hayden breathed a sigh of relief when she heard Kevin say that there was no evidence to prove that she was a woman, and then heard Kevin say that he felt that she was a woman based on his feelings.

She laughed twice and said, “Mr. York, How strong is your sixth sense? It’s really hard to tell based on the feeling. As far as feeling is concerned, I feel that you’re not a real man, do you admit?”

After the sound fell, Kevin began to untie his belt.

“Kevin, what are you doing?” Hayden said in a low voice.


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