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Married at First Sight Chapter 2549-They knew this but still didn’t know Camryn, how Camryn lived in the Newman family, and how Carrie treated her sister. After they found out, they all wished that Carrie would be locked up in prison for the rest of her life and not come out.

So, no one would think Camryn was being too harsh on Carrie when she was dealing with her. Instead, they think she was just hitting Carrie and yelling at her, not hurting her skin.

Callum held Camryn’s hand and supported her silently. No matter what decision she made, he would support her.

It was not easy for Camryn to get to where she was today. It’s her destiny; otherwise, she wouldn’t be alive today. She wanted to make things difficult for Carrie.

Compared with what Mrs. Newman and her daughter, Carrie, had done to Camryn, it was already very light revenge.

Camryn turned her head and looked at Callum. She smiled but said nothing; she just shook his hand with her backhand.

She would not be defeated easily, nor would she forgive someone easily.

Carrie and her two cousins were at the entrance of Wildridge Manor, waiting for a reply.

There was no air conditioning outside. Sitting in front of the security room, the sun was shining on her, and she felt very hot.

When she felt hot, her heart became irritated, and she said irritably, “Why haven’t we received a reply for so long? What the h-e-l-l is the weather like? It’s already November, and when the sun shines, I still feel so hot.”

Pablo comforted her: “Just wait; there should be a reply soon. The weather in Wiltspoon is like this: If it is November in the lunar calendar, it will not be hot.”

The New Year would not be celebrated until February next year. However, Wiltspoon was not cold, even during the New Year.

Carrie said, “I dare say that Camryn did it on purpose. She deliberately didn’t reply so quickly, and she let us sit here and bask in the sun. It would kill us.”

If Carrie had known that she would be so exposed, she would have brought an umbrella over.

Just when Carrie was about to lose her temper, the security guard walked out of the security room and said apologetically to Carrie, “Miss, our second young lady said she doesn’t have time to see you, so please go back.”


Carrie stood up in a hurry, with anger on her pretty face. “She doesn’t see me? She’s not free? What’s she busy with? It’s a big weekend; what’s she busy with? I think she did it on purpose and didn’t want to see me.

That blind woman is a b*tch!”

Carrie was so angry that she went crazy.

The security guard frowned and said, “Miss, please pay attention to your wording.”

Don’t say that their second young lady can see the light now. Even if she still can’t see, Carrie can’t call their second young lady blind.

If their second young master heard it and was able to pull out Carrie’s tongue.

No wonder the relationship between the second young lady and Carrie was not good.

The younger sister, Carrie, had no respect for her elder sister!

“Who do you think you are? It’s your turn to teach me a lesson? She’s just a blind woman, a blind woman, a b!tch, a b!tch… Ugh!” Carrie said.

With Pablo covering Carrie’s mouth, Pablo and Owen worked together to drag Carrie out, who was struggling and wanted to yell, and dragged her far away before letting go.


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