Married at First Sight Chapter 2554 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2554-Camryn turned around, touched the car body, then opened the car door, got back in the car, and ordered the driver: “Send me back to the door of the house.”

Then she said to the butler, “Ask her to follow me in. “

Carrie saw that she was still touching the car body when she returned to the car, so she shook off her suspicions and thought that Camryn was still blind.

No more worries.

She went in first to get her mobile phone and bank card.

A few minutes later,

The two sisters went upstairs one after another.

Carrie walked in front. She was afraid that Camryn would change her mind again and ordered someone to take her out. Now everyone in this family had been replaced by Camryn, and these people would not listen to her.

She had to get her things quickly.

Camryn walked leisurely.

She also received a call from Callum on the way. She stopped on the stairs and talked on the phone with Callum.

After talking on the phone for a while, Camryn went upstairs.

She went up to the second floor and saw Carrie coming out of the room. Carrie was holding the new Hermès bag she bought before going in. Without asking, she knew that she was going back to the room to pick up her things. Thinking about it, it’s been hard to live without a mobile phone and money these past two days.

Camryn’s eyes flickered, and she let Carrie take those things because Carrie’s bank card had been frozen by her, and Carrie couldn’t spend the money on her bank card when she went out.

Carrie was still young, had no job, and had no source of income. Her parents gave her a bank card in exchange for her pocket money. It was in the name of the company and was paid to her every month from the company’s account. A large amount of money was loaded into a bank card for her to spend her days and nights.

As soon as Camryn took over the Newman family, she froze Carrie’s bank card.

Carrie glanced at Camryn proudly and said loudly, “Blind Woman, I will convince you later and see who drives whom out.”

Camryn said calmly, “Go and get the real estate certificate; take a look, and you’ll know.”

“Just wait; I’ll show it to you now.” Carrie strode to her parents’ room and entered the password in front of Camryn. Anyway, Camryn was blind. She couldn’t see the password she entered.

After entering the password, Carrie opened the door and went in. She was the most beloved child of her parents. She not only knew the password to the password door but also the password to the safe in her parents’ room.

Carrie thought Camryn couldn’t see it, and she didn’t prevent Camryn from seeing the password, so she let Camryn “fumble” to get in.

Carrie entered the password of the safe, opened the door of the safe, and saw several bundles of cash in the safe. One bundle of cash was one hundred thousand, and there were hundreds of thousands.

Without hesitation, Carrie grabbed a bundle of cash and tried to stuff it into her bag, but it was too heavy, so in the end she only took 30,000 cash and stuffed it into her bag.

Then she rummaged through the safe and actually found the real estate deed. Of course, there was more than one real estate deed, and there were other houses in her parents’ names.

She picked up the real estate certificates and opened them one by one before she found the real estate certificate for the current Newman family villa. She opened it and found that the name on the real estate certificate was really Camryn’s.


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