Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1613 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1613 by desirenovel – Liberty did not believe that Mrs. Lewis would wander around her rented house casually.

Mrs. Lewis must have come to find her on purpose.

She looked at Sonny who was having fun, then looked at Duncan, and said, “Mrs. Lewis, I’m outside now. It will take some time to go back.”

“Are you outside? Are you alone?” Mrs. Lewis had a good temper, asked.

She didn’t know Liberty’s contact number, so the couple went to the restaurant where they could eat breakfast, and copied Liberty’s contact number from the signboard.

“I took my son on the third floor of XX shopping mall. There is an indoor playground here. Sonny likes to play here. I came with Duncan at the entrance of the mall, and he is here now.”

Mrs. Lewis knew that her son went to pester Liberty, her face turned black.

But she didn’t lose her temper at Liberty, and after suppressing her anger, she said to Liberty: “Liberty, since Duncan is there, let Duncan take care of Sonny for you, we can find a place to talk.”

It was admitted that he came here specifically for Liberty.

Liberty did not refuse Mrs. Lewis.

After finishing the call, Liberty said to Duncan: “Duncan, I have something to leave, please take care of Sonny for me.”

Duncan already knew that it was his mother who called.

His mother asked Liberty to meet, it must be a good thing.

Duncan: “Liberty, I’ll accompany you to see my mother.”

“Where is Sonny? Sonny just went in to play, but he hasn’t played enough. His father originally said to play with him, but his father still left him and left. He felt uncomfortable, and now he was having fun and took him away, he can be sad all night.”

Liberty could more or less guess the reason why Mrs. Lewis wanted to talk to her.

Duncan wanted to follow, so Liberty had to talk about her son.

Duncan was immediately tangled.

“Duncan, please, I’ll be back soon.”

Liberty didn’t give Duncan a chance to refuse, and left with the key of the car.


Duncan quickly stopped her, caught up with her, and said to her: “I don’t know what my mother wants you to do, but no matter what my mother tells you, it’s not what I mean, you don’t have to let go On my mind.”

Liberty smiled, “Mrs. Lewis is just asking me out for something to eat.”

Of course she knew that Mrs. Lewis was looking for her, and what she wanted to say to her next was all Mrs. Lewis’s intention.

But it also made her understand that Mrs. Lewis could not accept her.

Just in time, she also wanted Mrs. Lewis to persuade Duncan not to pursue her passionately anymore. Now her heart was calm, and she didn’t want to develop a second spring.

Duncan watched Liberty leave helplessly.

He had to accompany Sonny.

After Liberty left, he immediately called his mother.

Mrs. Lewis was a little guilty, but she still answered her son’s call.

Duncan: “Mom, why are you looking for Liberty?”

“I didn’t do anything, I just passed by where Liberty lived, and I suddenly wanted to meet her and asked her to accompany me for supper. Why are you so nervous? I’m afraid I will eat Liberty?”

Duncan didn’t believe a word of what his mother said.

Duncan said seriously: “Mom, don’t say any nonsense in front of Liberty. I chased her very hard. It’s fine if you don’t give her an assist, but you can’t hold me back.”

Only by using Sonny as an excuse could Duncan successfully stay by Liberty’s side and talk.

In the past, when Duncan hadn’t confessed his love to Liberty, Liberty treated him better.

Ever since Liberty knew that he liked her, on the surface, Liberty still treated him the same way. In fact, Duncan felt that Liberty treated him a lot colder.


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