Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1614 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1614 by desirenovel – Duncan couldn’t wait to keep a distance from her all the time, he always used Sonny as an excuse, which made Liberty helpless.

“You deserve it, you’re doing it yourself, you don’t like Lily who has a good impression of you, and you are willing to develop into a couple with you, but you like Liberty. You know that Liberty doesn’t have that kind of heart for you, but you are still shameless. No matter what your identity is, you are always pestering with her.”

Mrs. Lewis didn’t feel sorry for Duncan’s difficulty in chasing Liberty at all.

She also hoped that Liberty could persevere and let Duncan give up after suffering.

Duncan: “Mom, I don’t feel that way about Lily, I just like Liberty.”

“Tell me, what is Liberty better than Lily?” Mrs. Lewis asked Duncan unconvinced.

“Lily has her own advantages, and Liberty has Liberty’s advantages. Everyone has different advantages.”

Duncan didn’t hate Lily, but he knew that Lily was not Liberty type.

But Lily was a strong woman.

Duncan felt that if he was with Lily, he would not be happy.

Although Liberty was also developing her career now, and might become a strong woman one day, but that was the woman he watched and even grew up with. He had a sense of accomplishment, and Liberty’s temperament was different from Lily.

He just liked Liberty.

No reason was needed, no need to find out that Liberty was better than Lily.

“Mom, if you really want me to give a reason, then I’ll tell the truth. I like Sonny first. I want to be Sonny’s father. I’d be happy even if he’s a step-dad but Lily can’t compare to that Liberty’s.”

Mrs. Lewis’s face turned green with anger from Duncan’s words.

“Duncan, you b*stard, you deliberately want to p!ss me off, right?”

Lily was still unmarried and childless, where could Mrs. Lewis ask Lily to find a child to compare with Sonny?

Mrs. Lewis was really mad at Duncan.

Duncan was not angry when he was scolded, “It was my mother who asked me to tell the difference. That’s my truth. I really liked Sonny very much at first.”

Later, after getting in touch with Liberty more times, he slowly wanted to take both Sonny and Liberty away.

How great it was to form a family of three.

“I’ve never seen anyone like you, rushing to be someone else’s stepdad!” Mrs. Lewis scolded Duncan.

Too lazy to talk to his son, Mrs. Lewis quickly hung up the call.

Afraid that if she continued, she would crawl over the radio waves and strangle that unfilial son to death.

“I’m so mad, you b*stard, you are not a filial son, and it’s not that you can’t have children, but you are rushing to be a stepfather for others. Does Sonny have no father? His biological father is alive and well.”

Mrs. Lewis hung up phone call and complained to her husband about her son’s unfilial piety.

Duncan even felt that it was the right time for him to come to Liberty to have a heart-to-heart talk.

There was no oil and salt for the son, and every time she talked about Liberty with her son, Mrs. Lewis and Duncan would turn against each other, which affected the relationship between them too much.

It was much easier to start with Liberty.

Besides, Liberty had no wrong thoughts about Duncan. Mrs. Lewis believed Liberty also wanted to get rid of Duncan, right?

In other words, Duncan was so outstanding, Liberty actually looked down on him!

Liberty’s vision was really high.

Mrs. Lewis’s mood was quite complicated.

If Liberty fell in love with Duncan, Mrs. Lewis would pick a lot of thorns. Liberty had not been tempted so far and did not want to accept Duncan’s feelings. Mrs. Lewis thought that Liberty’s vision was too high.

Duncan was so outstanding, and he was from a wealthy family. Liberty, a divorced woman, couldn’t even look down on her!


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