The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6554

  charlie Wade replied: “He was burned to death in the fire, but there were no clues left, and the ashes were all disposed of, which is basically the same as Evaporated.”

  Tablita nodded lightly.

  She knew before that charlie Wade went to New York, and not long after charlie Wade went to New York, Chen Zhimin disappeared, so that several managers of the An family called her because they couldn’t find Chen Zhimin.

  The moment she learned that Chen Zhimin was missing, she guessed that Chen Zhimin should be dead.

  However, she has not waited for a clear message.

  Now that she got charlie Wade’s confirmation, she felt mixed feelings.

  Ultimately, though, there was a sense of relief.

  So she asked charlie Wade: “charlie, you should have known for a long time that Chen Zhimin was a member of Po Qinghui, right?”

  ”That’s right.” charlie Wade nodded and said truthfully: “I guessed earlier that he should be a member of Poqing Society. He is a ‘scholar’, but there has been no direct evidence. However, when I went to New York this time, I accidentally discovered that he had secretly joined forces with a count from the Qing Dynasty Society to get the Sifang Baozhuang, so I looked for an opportunity to deal with both of them. “

  After that, he said to Tablita apologetically: “Auntie, the incident happened suddenly and I didn’t have time to ask you for instructions. Please forgive me.” An

  Tablita sighed softly and said to charlie Wade: “charlie, it’s my aunt. I want to thank you for getting rid of harm to the An family. Your brother-in-law and I almost brought disaster to the An family because of our carelessness. It was all thanks to you both times. If you hadn’t saved the An family from misfortune, maybe your brother-in-law and I would have done the same. Becoming the number one sinner of the An family…”

  charlie Wade felt relieved when he saw that his aunt was very sincere. He actually didn’t know much about her. If she had a correct view of right and wrong, she would naturally not blame him for this matter. , I am afraid that if my aunt is a love brain, then I will kill her husband after all, and she will inevitably be dissatisfied with herself.

  Fortunately, the An family has seen ups and downs, and the pattern is much greater than that of ordinary people.

  So he opened his mouth and said: “Auntie, the ‘scholars’ of Po Qinghui are more penetrating than we imagined. Those who appeared around you and my uncle in the past have made you feel bright or somewhat appreciative. The opposite s*x is probably all theirs. Even if it were me, it would be difficult to see through and guard against.”

  Tablita nodded lightly, and charlie Wade’s words made her feel a little better.

  charlie Wade knew that she needed some time to slowly adapt to digestion, so he said: “Auntie, you don’t have to think about anything for these two days. Have a good rest. After a while, the situation between us and the Po Qing Association should be settled. A big change has occurred, allowing us to take more initiative. At that time, we may have to take the initiative. At that time, you and your uncle should also try to participate as much as possible.” Tablita

  clenched her fists and nodded firmly, Said: “Okay charlie, aunt understands!”

  After bidding farewell to his aunt, charlie Wade drove to the Champs Elysees Hot Spring Hotel below to see the progress of the martial arts training.

  As soon as the car drove out of the mountain villa, he received a call from Steve Rothschild.

  It was late at night in the United States at this time. Steve simply packed his luggage and prepared to go straight to the airport at dawn.

  In order to show his goodwill to charlie Wade, he called charlie Wade specifically.

  charlie Wade answered the phone and asked with a smile: “Steve, why are you calling me so late?”

  Steve quickly said respectfully: “Mr. Wade, I was thinking that it should be afternoon in China. I shouldn’t bother you by calling you at this time.”

  charlie Wade hummed and asked him: “Do you have anything to do with me?”

  Steve said with an apologetic smile: “That’s right, Mr. Wade, my father just asked me to go I have something to do in Huaxia and will be leaving in three or four hours. I was thinking that you should be in Huaxia as well, so I wanted to ask if it would be convenient for you. I would like to visit you in person…”

  ”Visit me. …” charlie Wade smiled and said: “Haven’t the cooperation we should discuss already agreed? Just behave well, why bother coming to see me?”

  Steve hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade, I am right now. You are absolutely loyal. In my mind, you are like a beacon of life. If I go to China and don’t see you, I will feel very sorry…”

  charlie Wade knew that Steve must want to see him. Bye bye to the dock, he took a look at the situation, hoping to get a time from himself, a point in time as to how long his father could live.

  Although charlie Wade didn’t really want to see him, he was still the second-in-command of the Rothschild family, so it was okay to always suppress him in various ways. He came to pay homage to the dock in person. If he didn’t see him yet, he was afraid that he would be attacked. If this guy thinks that he has no hope of succeeding in this life and is completely ruined, wouldn’t he lose the value of using him?

  So, he said: “Since you have come from afar, I, the host, naturally want to express my gratitude. You tell me your destination in China this time and a time that is convenient for you, and I will make arrangements.”

  Steve When he heard this, he suddenly became excited and said quickly: “Mr. Wade, I am going to Aurous Hill to do something in China this time, but this is not important. Please tell me your city. After I landed in Aurous Hill, my first See you later!”

  charlie Wade said curiously: “Are you coming to Aurous Hill?”

  ”Yes.” Steve said: “My father asked me to go to Aurous Hill for business. If I don’t fly to Aurous Hill as my first stop, I’m afraid it will hurt him. I doubt it, but don’t worry, just give me an address and I’ll go see you after I land in Aurous Hill!”

  charlie Wade smiled and said, “What a coincidence, I’m in Aurous Hill. When you arrive, I’ll pick you up.”

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