Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 27 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 27

Zachary remained silent.

The person who chipped the paint off Duncan’s car was his new sister-in-law. Zachary had not met his sister-in-law.

“It’s late, Mr. York. I’m going to turn in for the night.”

Despite having reassured her sister that everything would be fine, Serenity was feeling the blues as she did not know what to expect from the damages.

She said goodnight to Zachary and went to her room.

By the time Zachary opened his mouth to say something, Serenity had already disappeared into her room.

The flowers on the balcony… Well, Serenity would sort out the floral arrangement when she saw them in the morning.

However, Zachary was feeling weird about it. It was as though he was waiting to be praised after doing a good thing.

“Mr. York.”

With the door swung open, Serenity popped back out and asked, “I see you got the washing machine. How much was it?”

“I spent seven thousand on two washing machines.”

Serenity did a comparison to the washing machine at her sister’s place. Seeing that the price was within reason, she said nothing.


Zachary called her before she could close the door to her bedroom.

“The thing with your sister is not an issue. You can let me know if you’re short of cash. I can lend your sister some.”

Serenity replied gratefully, “Thank you, Mr. York. We’ll see once the bill comes. I’ll sign an IOU for my sister if we can’t scrape enough money together.”

They did not know each other well since they had only been newlyweds for barely a few days. Still, Serenity was thankful that Zachary was willing to help out when her sister was in need.

“It’s late. You should get some rest. Don’t dwell on it. Things will eventually work out for the better.”

“You too. Goodnight.”

Serenity said goodnight again and returned to her bedroom.

Zachary sat in the living room for a while before moving to his room.

Closing the door behind him, Zachary whipped out his phone and called Duncan.

“Are you asleep, Duncan?”

Duncan answered with a smile, “No way. I only sleep at three in the morning. What’s up? Are you buying me drinks? Come to my place. I’ll share my wine collection with you.”

“How much is it to repaint your car?”

Zachary did not get close to the car for a look, so he had no idea how bad the damages were to Duncan’s vehicle.

“It’s not a bad scratch. Ten thousand bucks should cut it.” “Are you submitting a claim to your insurance?”

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