Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 28 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 28

“It’s only a minor issue, so I can’t be bothered to submit a claim. Why the sudden question, Zachary?

Zachary fell silent before uttering, “The woman who scratched your car this morning is the sister of my nana’s lifesaver. The sisters only have each other, and the woman is a housewife without an income. They’re worried they can’t pay for your car’s repairs.”

Duncan replied, “… Talk about a coincidence. I can’t believe she was the sister of your grandma’s lifesaver. How did you find


Zachary lied. “My nana is fond of her lifesaver and often seeks companionship in her. Nana had to ask why she was looking blue today, so Hunt told her what happened.”

“Hunt? Is that her last name? The woman who damaged my car is Liberty Hunt. What’s the name of your grandma’s lifesaver ?”

“Serenity Hunt.”

“They must be sisters, judging by the name. I’ll drop the matter since she’s the sister of your grandma’s lifesaver. The money means nothing to me, but I’m the victim after all. I can’t be so generous as to let her off scot-free. She might knock onto another person’s car if this teaches her nothing.”

Aged thirty-five, Duncan Lewis was the fourth son of the Lewis family. Although he had not taken over the family business, Duncan made a name for himself and established Lewis & Co,

managing multiple subsidiary businesses. Duncan was a soll made billionaire.

Duncan had a forthright and loyal character. He had walked the fine line between both sides of the law during his younger days. The scar on his face was a testimony to his rough past. Nevertheless, Duncan could not be bothered to go under the knife and get rid of the scar as he believed the terrifying scar added character.

“Since you want to teach her a lesson, you can claim from her if it’s not a lot. I hope you could give her a break on my nana’s sake and charge less.”

Ten thousand dollars were nothing in the eyes of wealthy men like Zachary and Duncan. Even without a job and a source of income, Liberty could afford ten thousand dollars by borrowing around.

“It’s not a lot. Just ten thousand dollars. I’ll get her to pay half then. A few thousand bucks really bite for a housewife like her. I hope it’ll remind her to watch out on the road and not bump into other people’s cars.”

It was a good thing his car was parked by the side of the road. The life of an adorable child could be taken if she were caught between ongoing traffic.

“Thanks, Duncan.”

“It’s a small matter. Come to think of it, your grandma seems to like that Serenity girl. Although she saved your grandma’s life, she could’ve been awarded a lump sum. Why did your grandma stay in touch with her? Grandma May even told you to intercede

for them.”

Zachary replied faintly. “In a way, Nana is accusing us of not spending enough time with her.”

Grandma May was eager for her grandsons to settle down in life as she wanted to fill the house with great grandchildren’s laughter. She said something along the lines of awarding fifty million for a great-grandson and five hundred million for a great


The Yorks had not been blessed with daughters or granddaughters . Grandma May had been looking forward to a granddaughter, but her daughters-in-law gave her three grandsons each. Her grandsons were her only hope to get great granddaughters.

Duncan paused and said, “You know how the elderly can be. When my nana was still around, she harassed me every day to get married. My brothers and I were so fed up that we stayed away from home. We miss her nagging now that she’s gone.”

People often did not realize what they had until it was gone.

Out of his three siblings, Duncan was the remaining single in the family. The entire family, including his young nephew, badgered Duncan about bringing home a wife.

“I mean, you’re thirty-five, pushing forty. Of course, they’re going to be on your back about taking the vow. If you wait any longer, you’ll be old by the time your child is born. People would mistake your child to be your grandchild.”

Zachary poked fun at him.

Truth be told, Zachary would not venture into married life so soon had it not because Nana got under his skin. Plus, Zachary was the most dutiful grandson to his grandmother Marriage would only be on the cards when he hit thirty-five.

Despite tying the knot, Zachary had not made the decision to spend the rest of his life with Serenity . Just like what he told Nana, he needed to be the judge of Serenity’s character before he could pour his emotions and invest into the relationship.

Duncan burst out laughing. “I’ll spoil my child like a grandchild.” Zachary, “…”


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