Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 29 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 29

Serenity tossed and turned all night as stressful dreams were triggered. The disturbed sleep drained her energy by the time she woke up the following morning.

As usual, Serenity hung her laundry on the balcony after turning the washing machine on before bed.

It was then she realized that stainless steel rods had been installed on the balcony. They were for her to air the laundry. There were also a variety of potted plants stacked on the huge balcony. Many of them had bloomed and budded. No matter the size, the petals were all the intricate kind.

Serenity’s attention was immediately drawn to the flowers.

She hung her clothes out and got straight to assembling the flower stands she bought yesterday morning. Serenity then displayed the potted plants on the stands.

While busting her gut over the task, Serenity got a crawling sensation of a pair of prying eyes. She looked up and met Zachary’s unfazed gaze. His eyes were nothing short of piercing and emotionless.

Serenity had learned to live with his blank face now as they were married for a few days.

“Morning, Mr. York.”

Serenity said hello and complimented him, “Mr. York, these flowers are great. You did a good job!”

She could trust Zachary to get the job done.

Zachary muttered in a husky voice, “You can tell me if you encounter any problems in the future.”

Her requests were a piece of cake to him.


With a smile, Serenity went back to fiddling with the plants.

“Where did you get these plants? They’re beautiful.”

Zachary lied, “I visited quite a few florists. I can’t remember the shops.”

“Ah.” Serenity did not press further on the matter as she had been more than happy with the results he produced.

“What are we having for breakfast today?”

Now that he mentioned it, it dawned on Serenity that she missed the most important meal of the day. Whipping out her phone, she realized it was past seven o’clock. Rising to her feet, Serenity said embarrassedly, “I forgot about getting breakfast this morning, Mr. York. There’s still time to go and grab a quick takeout now. I’ll get us something while you brush your teeth. What do you fancy?”

Zachary answered flatly, “I’m not fussy. You can decide.”

Even if he were, Zachary had to go along with her choices, or he would blow his cover. His favorite food was not at an affordable price.


Serenity swiftly went downstairs and rode her e-bike out to get breakfast. It did not take long before she returned.

She bought bacon wraps with cheese, hash browns, and apple juice.

Zachary stared at the breakfast, unable to bring himself to take a bite.

Serenity was oblivious to that fact as she wolfed down her share after laying the breakfast spread. She then went back to complete her vision of a mini garden at the balcony.

After a long silence, Zachary reached out to pick up the bacon wrap and took a bite. The wrap might be heavy on the grease, but the taste was great. Only God knew if the fat in the bacon was healthy or cooked under sanitary conditions.

Never mind. An occasional wrap would not kill.

At this moment, Zachary regretted his decision to conceal his identity as the heir of the Yorks of Wiltspoon. He was giving himself problems by trying to build a common wage earner’s image.


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