Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 31 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 31

Chapter 31 On the other hand, Zachary spoke to Mr. Lewis on behalf of Liberty and probably put in the good word for her too, so Mr. Lewis knocked a few thousand dollars off.

Of course, nine thousand bucks were a great deal of money to Liberty now. It would serve as a painful lesson to keep her eyes peeled on the street and stay away from luxury sedans!

“Is your husband coming back soon?” asked Liberty.

“Yeah. He‘ll be back tomorrow.”

“Great. My husband and I will be there ahead of time. Are you cooking? I‘ll help out.”

Having lived independently with her sister for many years, Liberty had so much on the ball from her career, and social life, to domestic life. Now that she was held down by a child and without an income, her husband pressured her to become a housewife.

The sisters exchanged small talk on the phone before ending the call.

“Mr. York, do you work late every day?”


“It‘s almost the weekend that Nana and your parents will

come over for dinner. We need to spruce up the place. I‘m thinking of looking at furniture in the next few days and getting what we need.”

Zachary went quiet.

His job took up a lot of his time. It was hard to find time in his busy schedule to shop for furniture with her.


Faced with his silence, Serenity showed understanding. “I can get them myself if you don‘t have the time.” Zachary replied, “Alright. You‘re the lady of the house. You can make decisions over household affairs. Just let me in on the bigger things.”

He had no time to spare for every single trivial matter of the house.

“Sure. I‘ll let Jasmine know that I won‘t be coming in for work today. I‘ll get the stuff.”

She needed to sort out their home.

Zachary was without a word.

Turning on his heel, he returned to his bedroom.

It did not take long before he emerged from his room and said, “I‘m going to work.”

“Drive safe,” Serenity casually cried. With the wrapped hash brown and apple juice still in hand, Zachary took off.

Getting behind the wheel of his undercover MPV, Zachary drove out of Brynfield.

Out of the neighborhood, Zachary pulled up at the side of the road where his Rolls Royce and convoy were parked.


The bodyguards swiftly got down from their cars. Shielding Zachary with their bodies, they approached the Rolls Royce and opened the door for him. A bodyguard respectfully asked, “Should I throw it away for you, Sir?”

He was talking about the breakfast Zachary was holding.

Zachary gave the uneaten hash brown to the bodyguard without a word. The bodyguards were free to do whatever with it.

With the car door shut, the car purred its silent engine and merged into traffic. Serenity spent a day running about before she filled all the missing pieces to complete the home.

The online order of kitchenware was also delivered to the house.

Zachary arrived home late that night, and by then, Serenity was fast asleep. Careful not to wake her, he walked around the house and feasted his eyes on her

interpretation of a home. The woman took time to smell the roses for sure.

Perhaps she was not a scheming witch. The woman might not be looking for anything out of the marriage but a place to call home.

After all, she had been living under her sister and brother in–law‘s roof.

Of course, Zachary needed more than a few days to observe Serenity‘s character. He would not be so quick to slap a label on her. Only time could reveal a person‘s true colors. Her true nature would either shine through or rear its ugly head through the couple‘s day–to–day interaction.

Time passed very quickly at the busiest times. Soon, it was Saturday.

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