Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 33 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 33

The shopping trip took two hours.

Accustomed to the convenience of five-star transportation, Zachary was exhausted from the two hour shopping as Serenity‘s personal porter despite taking self–defense classes and keeping a fitness routine.

He would rather be buried under a pile of work and meetings than go shopping with a woman. As the car came to a stop, Serenity got a call from Grandma May before she stepped out of the car.

“Are you home, Serenity? We‘re downstairs.”

Serenity replied with a smile, “We just returned from the market, Nana. Wait for us. We‘ll be right there.”

“Did you go to the market with Zack?”

That put a smile on Nana‘s face. Nana thought to herself, ‘ To think my callous and stuck–up grandson put aside his pride and go shopping with Serenity at the market.‘

Since he wanted to play the pauper, Zack might as well step into the shoes of an ordinary person.

“Yeah. We went to get groceries.”

“Zack has always been busy with work, so he‘s never been to the market. It‘s a good thing to bring him around.

Serenity, make Zack do the heavy lifting. He‘s strong. Don’t tire yourself.”

Zachary began to doubt whether Serenity was Grandma May‘s birth grandchild instead. As Serenity got down from the car, she held the phone with one hand and opened the rear door with another. Popping her head in, she grabbed a foldable wagon and gestured for Zachary to unfold it.

“Don‘t worry, Nana. I won‘t exert myself.”

Since the wagon was not big enough to carry all the groceries, Zachary was left to haul the rest. Serenity took Nana‘s advice and had it easy throughout their walk home.

“Nana, we‘re coming right now.”

“Sure. See you later.”

Nana hung up the call. Serenity slipped her phone into her pocket and pulled the wagon while talking to Zachary who had his hands full.“ Come on, Mr. York. Nana and your family are waiting downstairs.”

Walking alongside Serenity, Zachary called her attention to an important point. “Don‘t address me as Mr. York in front of Nana and the rest. Call me Zachary.”

“Sure thing.”

Serenity was not going to obsess over a form of address.

Soon, Nana and the rest of the family caught sight of the returning couple.

Serenity pulled her wagon of fruits, vegetables, meat, and beverages while the finest man in his generation of the Yorks had bags after bags hanging off his arms. It was a beautiful visual as the married couple walked side by side.


Rowan, the youngest of Zachary‘s generation, was fifteen years younger than Zack and still in high school. Not one to hide behind his emotions, Rowan burst into laughter.

As far as Rowan could remember, he was most afraid of his stone–cold and strict cousin. Zack always carried himself with an air of haughtiness and aloofness , even toward his family.

Rowan did not expect to see the day Zack would fall off his high horse too.


Nana shouted at Rowan, but she could not hide the joy behind her smiling eyes either. She now believed that it was not a bad idea for Zachary to keep his identity a secret to observe Serenity‘s character. At least, they got to see another side to Zack.

“I can‘t help it, Nana. Let me let it out for a little longer.”

Rowan said amid chuckles, “Serenity should get Zack to hold a spade in one hand and a hoe with another while piggybacking a baby.” Everybody, “…”

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