Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 34 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 34

“Be alert and don’t expose our identities to Serenity. Son, say that you don’t have pensions . You grow vegetables and flowers for a living.

“Get your stories straight . Zack will go after you if you blow your cover. Don’t come crying to me then.”

Seeing the fun in her grandson’s plans, Nana was committed to helping Zack stay in character.

Nana had no doubt that Serenity was a good kid and not driven by greed. At her age, Nana was a good judge of character.

“Got it,” everybody answered. They had met Serenity before as the latter saved Nana’s life. As Nana’s sons and daughters-in-law, they were nothing but thankful toward Serenity.

Zachary’s mom mostly kept to herself as she was not in favor of Grandma May nagging her son into marriage. Nevertheless, her resistance was futile as Nana managed to sell her proud son the idea.

Sure, Zachary’s mom was grateful that Serenity saved Nana. The whole family had expressed their thanks to Serenity and tried to repay her kindness, to which

Serenity declined. To everybody’s surprise, Nana saw something in Serenity and believed the latter was virtuous.

Nana then played matchmaker to the couple and got what she wished for.

It was a good thing Zachary only went as far as signing the papers. He wanted to observe Serenity for a while to confirm Nana’s perception of her before he could acknowledge the relationship.

Zachary’s mom hoped that her son and Serenity would split amicably in the end. They were not a match in every single way. Of course, Zachary’s mom would not do anything to Serenity and let nature take its course for Nana’s sake.


The young couple drew close.

Serenity greeted the old lady, all smiles. She then turned to greet Nana’s sons and daughters -in law. Although Serenity had met them before, it was a fleeting encounter.

As for the few young and handsome men, Serenity had not had the pleasure of meeting them. Still, Serenity could guess that they were Zachary’s brothers and cousins.

“Serenity, you should call Tania and Liam, Mom and


Nana gleefully told Serenity.

Zachary’s mother was Tania Reading.

Liam gave his daughter-in-law a benign look as he trusted his mother’s instinct that Serenity was a good kid. Liam was an open-minded parent, giving his sons all the freedom in the world and never interfering in their personal affairs.

Tania, on the other hand, found it hard to accept Serenity as her daughter-in-law. Nevertheless, her manners taught her to mask her emotions behind her composed face. Tania responded with a warm smile.

Serenity openly addressed Liam and Tania as told.

“Nana, let’s get upstairs. It’s hot out here.” Zachary said in a husky voice.

Nana summoned other family members to help Serenity with the wagon of food while she got Serenity to help her up the stairs despite being able-bodied.

Soon, they were at the couple’s humble home. · Serenity hosted the family, urging them to take a seat while she served them beverages and fruits. “Come, Serenity. Zack will introduce you around.”

Nana checked out her grandson’s home. Needless to say, Serenity was the artist behind the cozy home. Pulling Serenity away from retrieving snacks, Nana gave Zachary an angry look to get Serenity acquainted with the family’s younger generation. Zachary faintly uttered, “You can introduce yourselves to my wife.

Starting from the oldest after Zachary to the youngest, the boys courteously greeted Serenity.

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