Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 36 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter

Zachary refused to be associated with Hank, not only because Zachary found the likes of Hank type to be a pain in the neck, but also for Hank‘s attitude toward Liberty.

Sonny was thirsty, and the milk bottle containing water was right in front of Hank on the coffee table. Instead of grabbing the milk bottle, Hank had to call Liberty all the way there to feed their son water.

Today was only their first encounter . Yet, Zachary was able to pick up on Hank‘s contempt and lack of respect for his wife. Hank believed Liberty had it easy being a stay –at–home mom.

Due to his upbringing, Zachary did not take too kindly to men who disrespected their wives.

Although he and Serenity got married on the day they met without any feelings involved, Zachary gave Serenity the respect she deserved.

Serenity smiled. “I see. That‘s all right.”

“Kevin‘s very articulate. Hank won‘t feel left out with Kevin around.”

Looks may be deceiving when it came to Kevin, who ranked third among Zachary‘s age group. A wolf in sheep‘s clothing, Kevin could strike up a conversation

with anyone while scheming against them amid talk. “You can be my kitchen assistant.”

Zachary was without a word. He came into the kitchen to help out anyway.

Both sides of the family were pleased to see the young couple busy in the kitchen.

Liberty thought Zachary was sweet toward Serenity.

During lunch, everybody raved about Serenity‘s cooking after getting a taste of it. Perhaps they were too used to finer delicacies that their palates were more accepting of the exotic home–cooked meals.

It was an animated day for sure. The families stayed for dinner before taking off in the evening, returning peace to the humble home.

Serenity walked back into the house, hurled herself onto the sofa, and sprawled across the soft fabric. She told the man who came up from behind her. “Ow. I can barely stand up straight.”

Zachary remained quiet.

It was only a passing comment, and Serenity did not expect Zachary to act on it. In fact, she would find Zachary pretentious if he were to say something nice. Zachary quietly tidied up the place as Sonny made quite a

mess as any child would.

After clearing the living room, Zachary went into the kitchen and put on the apron hanging off the hook behind the door. His next task was to wash the pile of plates.

“Zachary might be a man of few words, but he‘s very considerate. Seren, enjoy your married life.”

Watching as Zachary went to wash the dishes in the kitchen, Serenity‘s mind harked back to her private conversation with Liberty.

Liberty approved of Zachary.

Serenity was enjoying a moment of relaxation when a thought hit her. She sprung from the sofa and bolted to the kitchen.

She then saw a sink of bubbles…

“Just how much dishwashing liquid did you use?”

Serenity could not hold back the laughter.

Zachary could not be more embarrassed.

“I poured half a bottle in by accident.”

Zachary averted his gaze in case his red face was a dead giveaway.

He really did pour too much by accident. It was not that he was a klutz at washing dishes.

As the head of the York household, Zachary had access to the most comprehensive and finest education and training. So of course, he was self-reliant and self sufficient. However, it had been a long time since he handled house chores.

Zachary was just a little rusty and poured a little extra. He was trying to rinse the bubbles out for God knew how many times when his wife caught him.

Now, he had gone and done it.

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