Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 37 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 37

Serenity gestured for Zachary to move aside.

Holding his tongue, Zachary gave way and handed the apron over to Serenity.

However, he did not leave the kitchen. Standing in a corner, Zachary watched Serenity tackle the dishes and remarked, “We should have the next family event at a hotel. It’ll save us the trouble of cleaning.”


Serenity had no objections to that. She only cooked up a storm to make a good impression with her in-laws since it was the first time both families came together.

“What did Nana say to you?”

Zachary asked suddenly.

Pausing the dishwashing , Serenity turned her focus on Zachary.

The couple’s eyes met as Zachary’s head was facing her too. Zachary caught a glimpse of the playfulness in her eyes when she blurted, “Nana asked if we’re sleeping in separate rooms. He said since we’re married, I should be bold and take the lead to throw myself at you, strip you

naked, and bang you.”

Zachary, “…”

That certainly was something that would come out of Nana’s mouth.

“Nana also said that she hopes to get a great granddaughter next year. She emphasized a ‘great granddaughter’, mentioning that we should keep trying until we get a girl. Nana said she would give me her life savings if I give her a girl.” Zachary, “..” His Nana’s life savings were at least a few billion dollars. It appeared that Grandma May held Serenity in high esteem. “Did your Nana and Gramps ever have a daughter?”

Shaking his head, Zachary replied, “The last woman born into the York family was my great-grandfather’s sister, but she was gone before her time. She died unexpectedly before the age of five. We have not seen any daughters in the family since.”

There were a total of nine boys in Zachary’s generation. While washing the dishes, Serenity said with a smile, “No wonder Nana is so generous to leave her life savings to me. It sounds like mission impossible.”

Zachary read too much into her words, believing Serenity

Chapter 37


had finally shown her true colors. It appeared Serenity was after Nana’s assets.

Serenity coaxed and sweet-talked Nana into nagging Zachary to marry the woman against his wishes. Puzzled by the silence, Serenity turned her head over and saw the sullen look on his face. Zachary’s eyes turned steely when he caught her looking at him. Serenity blinked. Was it something she said?

“Mr. York?”

Zachary pulled a long face as he turned on his heel and walked out of the kitchen without paying mind to

Serenity. With Zachary gone, Serenity murmured, “That’s baffling. He posed the question but he himself gave me an attitude for answering it. As if I would throw myself at you. He’s like an ice king. I would freeze to death before I could even lay a finger on you.”

Serenity mistook Zachary’s sudden hostility for Nana’s encouragement to get into his pants.

Zachary stayed in his room for a long time.

Serenity could not care less. Was she supposed to baby a big man like him?

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