Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 856 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 856

Zachary pursed his lips for a while before saying, “She wants to calm down, so don’t bother yet. Don’t go for now.”

Grandma May hummed. “Zack, I’m glad you let her go back with her sister. You’ve improved. You’re not as domineering as before and didn’t force her to stay. It’s good that you learned when to let go and how to give each other some space.”

Zachary’s face was sullen.

“I’ll go find Seren in a couple of days, but not to plead for you. I should also apologize to her since I lied to her first.”

Zachary snorted coldly.

The grandmother and grandson took after one another.

“What are you planning to do next?”

“What do you think I should do next?” Zachary retorted.

Grandma May smiled and reached out to touch her eldest grandson’s handsome face lovingly. Then, she poked him in the head. “You have a brain, so think for yourself. Take your time and slowly figure out what to do.

“Loving someone isn’t as simple as falling in love. You need to learn to understand her, trust her, and accept everything about her.

“Your mother complained that your grandfather and I taught you everything except how to love someone. It was something that slipped our minds. By the time we realized it, you were already an adult… Did you know? Your grandfather was still worried about you before he passed.

“He was worried about your marriage. You’re cold and different by nature. When you were a teenager, you had so many girls who adored you but you wouldn’t even give them the time of day. When you grew up, you brought a group of bodyguards with you wherever you went. You don’t allow any young women outside the family to come within ten feet of you.”

“Your grandfather saw this and was worried, but he was too sick to care about you. Before he died, he could only entrust me to worry in his stead.

“Actually, I have a superstitious side. After meeting Serenity, I asked for her birthday and secretly consulted a fortune–teller. He said you two are destined to be husband and wife, so I decided you marry Serenity despite what everyone else thought.”

Zachary was speechless.

Who was that fortune-teller?

Well, he was quite accurate.

“That fortune–teller was accurate. You two ended up developing feelings for each. other. Although there are some twists and turns, I believe you can solve this. What’s a little bit of suffering? The bitterness now will only make the rest of your lives that much sweeter.”

Zachary tensed his face and did not make a sound.

He already missed Serenity.

After just a few hours apart, he could not wait to go to his sister–in–law’s place to pick Serenity up.

Alas, he knew better he could not.

He had to bear with it. He had to endure it.

Let Serenity stay with her sister for a few days.

If she did not contact him first, then he could not bother her. Even if he went, he had to do so in secret and look at her from afar.

Hang on, what if she never contacted him again? Would he not go to her either?

He could not do that. He had to go see her tomorrow… No, later today. What if she forgot about him?

“Zack, everything is achievable with earnestness. Serenity is a bit hard–hearted, but her heart isn’t made of stone. I believe you can win her back.”


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