Married at First Sight Chapter 1627 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1627– “Okay, then I will reply to Zachary.” Serenity did not compete with Liberty to pay Sonny’s tuition.

As long as Liberty wanted Sonny to enter Wiltspoon Central Kindergarten to receive pre-school education, she could afford those tuition fees.

In Liberty’s words, Sonny is her son, and the tuition should be paid by her.

If Liberty couldn’t afford the tuition, she won’t let Sonny enter Wiltspoon Central Kindergarten.

Serenity knew Liberty very well.

Liberty was the York family’s oldest mistress, but she didn’t have much money. She needed money the most, but she didn’t want to ask Serenity for it. Instead, she relied on herself.

She was always afraid that raising money with her would affect her status in her husband’s family and hold her back.

But Serenity was not the kind of person who just took money to help her relatives. She thought that it was better to teach people to fish than to give them fish.

“Serenity, thank you, because of you and your husband, Sonny’s starting line is ahead of others.” Liberty was very grateful to Serenity and Zachary.

“Sister, if you say such things to me again, I will get angry. Without you, I don’t know what will happen. We are sisters, sisters who depend on each other, and Sonny was brought up by me. I regard Sonny as my own son, and it is related to his education, which is as important to me as my sister. When we have no ability and no conditions, we can only look at famous schools and sigh and give him the best education possible.”

Liberty smiled and said: “Okay, okay, I won’t talk to you anymore, it’s late, you go back to rest, you don’t have to see me off, it’s not the first time I’ve come here, I think it’s my home here.”

“I would treat you like your own home, but as soon as your health got better, you would go back to a rented house. I would buy you a flat, but you wouldn’t take it.” Serenity complained to Liberty.

Liberty said: “Sister, I have the ability to buy a house myself, so you don’t need to give it to me. It’s like buying a car. If I need a car, I will buy it naturally. You don’t need to give it away. I hope everything can be earned through my hard work.”

Serenity stopped talking.

Zachary had already started to draw up a list of betrothal gifts. He discussed with Serenity and said that he would give a villa to Liberty.

But Serenity was worried that Liberty would not accept it, so she gave her the task of persuading her to accept the villa.

Serenity thought, this task was too difficult.

Liberty drove away from the villa under the watchful eyes of Serenity.

Serenity stood at the door of the villa and watched Liberty leave. She didn’t turn back until the car was out of sight.

“Auntie.” Sonny, who had just taken a shower, rushed out with a big water gun in his arms, and pointed the water gun at Serenity, but he didn’t dare to use water, for fear of getting her clothes wet and being spanked by his uncle.

He tried to wet aunt’s clothes, aunt was not angry, but uncle was angry, not only verbally educated him, but also spanked his little b*tt, although the force was not strong, it didn’t hurt him, but it also made him have a long memory that ‘When playing with a water gun, don’t shoot at people’.

Serenity raised her hands in a gesture of surrender in cooperation, and said with a smile: “Sonny, your aunt has surrendered.”

Serenity stepped forward and picked up the little guy, “Sonny, you really smell good.”

“Auntie, you smell so good.” Sonny said. In other words, he was always fragrant, and his aunt had a little fragrance as well, but it was very light and not as strong as his..

Serenity laughed and said, “my cousin wore perfume.”

She didn’t like to use perfume.

Zachary gave her a lot of expensive perfumes, but after realising she didn’t like them, he stopped sending them to her.

Sonny: “Auntie, has my mother returned home?”

Serenity: “Well, your mother has to go to work tomorrow, so she had to go back early to rest.”


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