Married at First Sight Chapter 1629 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1629 – After coming out of the hospital, Hank accompanied Jessica to another shopping mall and bought what Jessica wanted to buy.

After returning home, he always thought of the intimate scenes between Duncan and Sonny, and was very irritable, worried that his son would really be snatched away by Duncan and call Duncan his father.

After Jessica had a rest, Hank went out quietly, bought some snacks and toys and went straight to Liberty.

Liberty didn’t think about going over to get him back.

It was impossible for him and Liberty to open the bow without turning back.

But Sonny was his seed, how could he be as affectionate as the man who pursued his ex-wife? Duncan had seriously threatened his status as a father.

“Is the baby in your wife’s belly okay?” Liberty asked lightly.

Hank said in embarrassment: “It’s okay.”

Liberty: “Sonny is not short of food and play now, you don’t need to buy him so many things.”

“I know he is not short, but after I left, did Sonny feel lost?” Hank felt sorry for his son.

Before, Hank spent too little time with Sonny. At that time, he happened to be having a heated fight with Jessica, and all his thoughts were on Jessica.

After the divorce, the number of times he spent with Sonny was even more rare.

Liberty: “Sonny is a little lost, but he will be fine soon.”

Hank heard that Sonny would be lost because of his departure, so he was slightly relieved, at least his son still cared about him as a father.

Liberty poured Hank a glass of warm water.

After a moment of silence, Hank looked at Liberty and asked tentatively, “Liberty, you and Duncan…”

“What’s wrong?” Liberty asked him back.

Hank: “It’s nothing, I just don’t think you and Duncan are suitable. If you want to remarry, I definitely have no right to stop you. But you are Sonny’s biological mother. If you marry again, you will marry Sonny. If you don’t marry well, I’m afraid My son was injured, so he would talk too much.”

Hank made excuses for his jealousy.

Hank: “Liberty, you have to think twice and think carefully. Duncan is really not suitable for you.”

Liberty was not angry, but said in a calm tone, “I don’t dare to bother you with my feelings. Now, you can live your life well.”

Hank worked as an online car-hailing driver, and although he didn’t make much money, he did have a source of income.

It’s just that the family life was very lively.

Liberty was too aware of the virtues of her ex-mother-in-law and her ex-aunt. Even if Jessica was pregnant, the mother and daughter would not make it easier for Jessica.

It was still unknown whether the child in Jessica’s womb would be born normally.

It’s fine if it’s a son, but if it’s a daughter, it’s no surprise that the mother and daughter don’t bother Jessica.

In short, Jessica’s life would not be easy.

This was Jessica’s retribution for destroying other people’s marriages and stealing her husband.

Hank was embarrassed.

Liberty: “Mr. Brown, if you have nothing else to do, please go back. It’s getting late, I have to rest, and I have to open the shop tomorrow for business.”

Hank: “Liberty, I…”

“Mr. Brown, you came here without your wife’s consent. If she knew that you secretly came to see Sonny, she might have trouble with you.” Jessica said. She didn’t like Hank caring too much about Sonny.

Liberty knew it well.


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