The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6555

Steve was naturally flattered when he heard that charlie Wade was going to take care of him. He thanked him repeatedly: “Mr. Wade, you have so many things to do and can still take the time to see me. Thank you so much!”

  charlie Wade smiled and said, “Everyone is nice. Friends, you don’t have to be so polite. When do you expect to land in Eastcliff?”

  Steve thought for a while and said respectfully: “Back to Mr. Wade, I will take off in a few hours. The flight will take about fifteen hours and I will land in Aurous Hill. It will be around ten o’clock tomorrow morning local time.”

  charlie Wade said: “Let’s do this. I will host a banquet at noon tomorrow at the most famous Tianxiang Mansion in Aurous Hill. This restaurant is very famous, and your men will definitely be able to find a place. , you can just come over when the time comes.”

  Although the Rothschild family does not have manpower in Aurous Hill, their Greater China headquarters is in Eastcliff, and it has a very high level and a lot of manpower, so Steve has notified them in advance The administrative staff there will arrange personnel and vehicles in advance to serve him in Aurous Hill.

  It happened that the landing time was relatively close to lunch time. It was a very reasonable arrangement to go directly to see charlie Wade for a meal. Steve thought it was a very reasonable arrangement, so he said very cheerfully: “Okay, Mr. Wade, I will be out then.” When you get to the airport, go directly to the Tian…Tianxiang Mansion you mentioned to meet you!”

  charlie Wade smiled and said: “Okay, then we will meet tomorrow.”

  Steve said attentively: “Okay, Mr. Wade, see you tomorrow!”

  After hanging up the phone, Steve was extremely excited. He originally thought that charlie Wade might not agree to see him, but he didn’t expect that he would treat him to dinner. This was obviously a friendly signal. It seemed that his trip to China this time had a very good start. If everything goes well, it would be even more perfect if we can complete the task assigned by the old man and bring the two Hogwitz father and son back to New York.

  His wife was packing his simple luggage for him. Seeing him finish the phone call, he quickly asked in a low voice: “Hubby, that bastard named Ye wants to treat you to dinner?”

  Steve was startled and glared at her. He glanced at him and said fiercely: “What the hell are you talking about? That’s Mr. Wade!”

  The wife said disdainfully: “What are you doing? That bastard ruined your good deeds, and you still protect him? Are you suffering from Stockholm Syndrome? ?!”

  Steve lowered his voice and said, “You know nothing! Mr. Wade’s hands and eyes are astounding, and he is very capable. Your husband and I can’t play with him at all. Didn’t I tell you? There are ways to make the old man die. I’ll go back. I’d rather offend the president than offend him!”

  After saying that, Steve warned: “Don’t think you can talk fast at home! There are some things that should be said at home. It’s easy to talk, but you can’t stop it when you go out. This is a potential factor for trouble in the future!” “

  And you have to know that walls have ears! Mr. Wade may not be able to hear you when you scold Mr. Wade, but you can guarantee that the old man’s confidant will be there. No one of my brothers can hear me? What if they report me? Wouldn’t it be the end?”

  His wife’s expression became more frightened and ashamed, and Steve lowered his voice at this time: “You have to remember, In this family, even our son cannot be completely trusted!”

  The wife couldn’t help but said: “Husband… you don’t doubt your children, right? We have watched them grow up, they are our flesh and blood! If even It would be too much to doubt your own flesh and blood.”

  ”What does your own flesh and blood mean?” Steve asked her: “Our son is our flesh and blood, so am I not my father’s flesh and blood? “

  When the wife heard this, her expression was stunned.

  After a long time, she sighed melancholy, nodded and said: “Husband, you are right… I will never be like this again…”

  Steve was satisfied and told her: “After I leave, don’t talk to anyone. When people mention Mr. Wade’s affairs, I don’t want anyone to know that I am going to meet with Mr. Wade.”

  ”Okay!” The wife nodded heavily: “Don’t worry, husband, I will keep it secret!”

  Steve also relaxed, nodded slightly and then said: “Mr. Wade wants to treat me to dinner this time. This is a friendly signal. I think I will gain a lot from my trip to China this time.”

  The wife said excitedly: “That’s great! You have to get to know the Chinese people quickly.” The rules for treating guests to dinner, don’t let Mr. Wade think you are rude.” Steve

  nodded repeatedly: “Yes, yes, you are right! I have not participated in a real Chinese banquet, so I really need to study it carefully. Study it to avoid being abrupt!”

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