The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6556


  As he said that, Steve immediately picked up his phone and searched for the rules at the Chinese dinner table.

  His wife also quickly searched on her mobile phone.


  At the same time, charlie Wade drove down the mountain and came to the Champs Elysees Hot Spring Hotel.

  In order not to disturb the practice of most students, charlie Wade only called Don Albert to inform him.

  After all, Don Albert himself was the weakest among many martial arts students, and he was mostly just for fun, so charlie Wade asked him to wait for him at the entrance of the hot spring hotel.

  When charlie Wade arrived at the hotel, Don Albert, dressed in martial arts uniform, was already waiting at the door.

  He came to the car in a few steps, opened the door for charlie Wade, and said respectfully: “Master Wade.”

  charlie Wade nodded and said to him: “By the way, Don Albert, let Tianxiang Mansion temporarily close to the outside world during the day tomorrow. , prepare a table of good wine and good food, and remember to pay a certain amount of compensation to the guests who were originally booked.”

  Don Albert agreed without hesitation, and then asked: “Master Wade, do you have friends to entertain?”

  charlie Wade He said casually: “You’re not really a friend, just an enemy who came from afar.”

  ”I understand!” Don Albert nodded and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, I will definitely make arrangements.”

  charlie Wade smiled slightly . Nodding, he added: “If you have nothing to do tomorrow, come and entertain me. That guy’s family has a lot of money. If you know him, you can also accumulate some connections.” After

  Don Albertyi heard this, he felt extremely grateful.

  In addition to being absolutely loyal in front of charlie Wade, he also often felt very inferior.

  The main reason for my low self-esteem is that I have a poor background and poor strength. The most important thing is that I have no knowledge and am just a rough guy.

  As for charlie Wadegui, the head of the Wade family and the grandson of the An family, he was even more powerful. He often felt unqualified to work beside him.

  However, charlie Wade has never disliked his origin, and even made him the spokesperson of the Wade family in Aurous Hill and even the whole province. Now, he even has to introduce other rich people to him, how can he not be moved? .

  However, he knew in his heart that he did not have to say his words of gratitude to charlie Wade, so he said respectfully: “Okay, Master Wade, I will be waiting at Tianxiang Mansion tomorrow.” After that,

  he asked again: “By the way, mater wade, what is the name of the wretch you are talking about? I will inform the staff in advance.”

  charlie Wade said casually: “His name is Steve Rothschild.”

  ”Rothschild?” Don Albert asked in surprise. : “Is that the famous Rothschild family in the United States?”

  ”Yes.” charlie Wade nodded and said, “This guy is the second-in-command of the Rothschild family, the eldest son of the current patriarch.” “

  F*ck…” Hong He was dumbfounded and murmured: “Luo… the second-in-command of the Rothschild family… wants… to come to Tianxiang Mansion for dinner… this… this…”

  Seeing Don Albert’s shocked face, charlie Wade casually smiled and said: “What’s so surprising about this?”

  Don Albert said hurriedly: “How could I have imagined that the second-largest figure in the Rothschild family, worth trillions of dollars, I will come to Tianxiang Mansion to eat… I guess it’s because Master Wade, your face is big enough!”

  charlie Wade smiled and said: “It’s not that I have great face, it’s that I pose a great threat to him. He is sensible and will come to your Tianxiang Mansion to eat. If you are ignorant, just go to your dog farm to eat.”

  Don Albert suddenly understood and nodded heavily, then suddenly remembered something and blurted out: “By the way, Master Wade, there are still two Rothschilds locked up in the dog farm under my subordinates. Where are the father-in-law of the German family!”

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