Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 41 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 41

It was not busy at the shop during weekends. In fact, the shop could be closed due to the lack of business.

Yet, Serenity went to the shop anyway. The slow day made it the perfect time to make crafts to sell online.

Jasmine was here too.

Seeing that Serenity was in the shop, Jasmine asked in surprise, “Seren, what brings you here on a Sunday? You’re usually at the park with your nephew.” “It’s about time to replenish new stock for my online business.”

While knitting, Serenity lifted her chin and looked at her best friend. She asked with a smile , “What about you?”

“Ugh. I couldn’t stand my mom’s nagging, so I came to hide out here.”

“What is it this time?”

“She’s not happy that I didn’t find myself a husband at the dinner party that night. Does she think it’s that easy? She really thinks her daughter is a catch, that I’m Ms. Universe or something.”

Serenity burst out laughing.

Jasmine just described most parents in the world. Parents

fret over their children’s happy-ever -after when their children reached the age of having a family of their own. It was considered old to get married at twenty-five back then but not anymore.

“My mom asked my aunt to introduce men to me. I’m supposed to go on a blind date tonight at some coffee house. A date at a coffee house at night? I guess the date will last until morning light if coffee is involved.

“How about you come with me to the blind date, Seren?”

Serenity shook her head. “No, thanks.”

“Oh, Seren. Please say yes. You’re my girlfriend, my best friend! You always look out for me. You’d do anything for your best friend, right?”

“I don’t always look out for you. You can find someone else to do anything for you.”

Jasmine coaxed her. “I’ll buy you supper after the date.”

“I have money. I can buy my own supper. Thank you very much.”

Serenity did not want to join her best friend on her blind date. What if Jasmine’s blind date fancied Serenity instead?

Stories like this were not unheard of. A woman went on a blind date, accompanied by her sister-in-law. In the end, the woman was furious as the date was attracted to the

sister-in-law instead. The incident practically ruined the woman’s relationship with her sister – in-law. Serenity and Jasmine were best friends who talked just about everything, but there were certain boundaries that could not be crossed.

It was a different story when she went with Jasmine to a dinner party. There were successful professionals with high standards for their other halves at the event. Serenity could be herself, knowing she would not be good enough for these social elites.


At the sound of a familiar voice, the pair turned their heads toward the shop entrance.

Putting aside her knitting, Serenity got up and approached the person with a smile, “Why are you here, Nana?”

“I want to have a chat with you. I went to your house, but Zack said you weren’t home, so I came here instead.”

Grandma May looked at Serenity lovingly as she entered the shop and remarked, “You told me before that you don’t have to open for business on weekends.” ;

“It’s been a while since I restock items for my online business. I thought of making time out of the weekend to replenish them since I’m running low on inventory.”

With her little knit knacks selling well online, Serenity

had to keep up with the inventory. Some customers would pre-order, and she would promise to deliver on time. Honoring commitments was important when it came to doing business. “Seren, you’re really good with your hands.”


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