Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 42 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 42

Grandma May was a recipient of Serenity‘s copper wire handicrafts as well. She displayed the life–like masterpieces in plain sight all over the house. Although

the crafts were not worth much, they were her granddaughter–in–law‘s gift from the heart.

Visiting guests who had seen these craftworks were impressed by Serenity‘s creativity. That was when Grandma May came in with a sales pitch, bringing these people to Serenity‘s online store to up her business sales. “Have some water, Grandma May.”

Jasmine poured Grandma May a glass of water.

“Thank you, Jas. You‘re here too.”

“Sigh. My mom‘s pressuring me to get married, so I came to the shop to enjoy some peace and quiet. She keeps setting me up with guys like I‘m some unsalable product. I‘m supposed to go on a blind date at XX Coffee House tonight, and I‘m begging Seren to come with me.”

With a glint flickering in her eyes, Grandma May uttered with a friendly smile, “I can understand where your mom’s coming from. Marriage doesn‘t seem a likely

choice for my other grandsons. There‘s no talking sense into them. I can’t even get them on a date.

“Seren, why don’t you go with Jasmine tonight?”

Serenity, “…”

It was unbelievable that Nana was persuading her to join Jasmine on her date.

“You and Jas are best friends. You can keep Jas company and see if the man‘s a good fit for her. You‘ve been through it before.”

Jasmine bobbed her head incessantly. Nana was the best sidekick ever.

“Go with me, Seren. Well, you don‘t have to go along if you can convince my mom to never set me up with blind dates.”

Jasmine tried to appeal to Serenity‘s emotions.

With Grandma adding fuel to the fire, Serenity had no choice but to give up for the sake of peace. “Just this once and that‘s it.”

“Yay! You‘re the best.”

Now that she had gotten a yes from Serenity, Jasmine said thoughtfully, “Grandma May, I‘ll leave you and Seren to chat, I need to shop for some stuff.” .

Serenity and Grandma May could have some nana granddaughter–in–law time.

Once Jasmine was gone, Nana fished out a piece of paper


and handed it to Serenity.

“What‘s this, Nana? Did you write me a love letter?”

Grandma May remarked with a smile, “Cheeky. These are some of Zack‘s habits and hobbies. Have a look. The list should help you to get along with each other. Seren, although you and Zack entered the marriage without love, these feelings can be nurtured. Tear down your walls of defense and get to know each other. I’m sure you‘ll soon find a mutual attraction.”

Serenity unfolded the piece of paper for a look while thinking back on the contract Zachary made her sign. Since they were going to divorce six months later, Serenity did not want to waste time bonding with Zachary.

She had been nothing but open to Zachary. It was the latter who kept his guard up against her even though she had been nice. “Zack is a grump when he gets up and a little obsessive with cleanliness. Otherwise, he‘s a pretty good guy.” Since Nana fixed the couple together, it was her hope that Serenity and Zachary would fall for each other and grow old together.

Serenity was dumbstruck. “He‘s a grump in the morning?”

“Yeah. Unless his body clock wakes him up, he‘ll rain hell on anyone who disturbs him in his sleep. Even I wouldn‘t

dare wake him up.”

Reminded by the times she called Zachary in the morning and dug him out of bed, Serenity did not recall him ever being angry.

Was Nana speaking the truth? Perhaps Zachary kept his temper together since they were newlyweds. “Seren, did you… last night…” With Nana blinking, Serenity got the hint. Blushing in the face, she replied, “I‘m a girl, Nana. You can‘t expect me to jump a man.” And it was not some man but Zachary, no less.

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