Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 43 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 43

Grandma May said with a smile, “Why can’t you? You’re legally married. Zack isn’t stepping up to the plate. It’s up to you to do so and give me a great-grandchild.”

Rosiness crept onto Serenity’s cheeks. “Nana, I’ll be blunt. I just can’t when I stare at your grandson’s straight face.”

Nana, “…”

Like his grandfather, Zachary was a no-nonsense and detached man by nature. It took Grandma May years before wearing Zachary’s grandfather down when she first laid eyes on him.

“Even if I want to, he’ll freeze me to death before I can get close to him. He gives me the chills.”

Nana, “…”

“Don’t worry about Zachary and me, Nana. Things will happen naturally.”

Serenity saw their living arrangements as roommates.

As if that could ever stop Grandma May from worrying. Since Serenity was Grandma May’s choice for a granddaughter-in-law, Grandma May even went so far as to make the union possible against her son’s and daughter-in-law’s wishes. Grandma May would beat

herself up if Serenity was unhappy with the marriage.

“Alright then. I’ll leave you two be, I suppose . Do your thing while I tidy up the place for you.”

Grandma May was not one to sit and do nothing at home as she often managed plants with the gardeners. She used to help out with the fields by the estate but stopped under her children’s relentless advice against it. Grandma May even thought of applying to be a cleaner at the family – owned company, but Zachary shot down the suggestion with one threatening look.. It scared the idea out of Grandma May.

It was not the first time Grandma May came to the shop to chat with Serenity. Serenity knew it was hard for Nana to slow down after laboring all her life. It did not take a lot of effort to clean up anyway, so Serenity let Nana be while she focused on her crafts.

While dusting the fluff off the books on the shelves, Grandma suddenly found Serenity to be the most charming when the latter was lost in her work. Pulling out her phone, Grandma May hid behind the shelf and captured a video of Serenity.

She then sent the video to her darling grandson..

Of course, Zachary was not going to reply to his nana.

It did not matter to Grandma May whether Zachary would reply so long as he saw the video. Serenity was an open book, full of surprises at every turn of the page. Now, Grandma May needed to reel her grandson in to start reading the book.

It was easy to lose track of time when one is focused on one thing.

By the time Serenity fulfilled the preorders , it was past six o’clock in the evening.

Jasmine’s date was at half-past seven.

The venue was Beans and Cream, Wiltspoon’s biggest and chicest coffee house in the heart of the city where the owner splurged on getting the place soundproofed. It was an experience to step out of the city’s hubbub and into an elegant setting, and a place to relax without the interruption of life.

Business was good at Beans and Cream as it was a popular spot for many. Even non-coffee drinkers went there to get away from it all.

Jasmine came to pick her best friend up on a bike.

Seeing that Jasmine was on a motorbike , Grandma May asked, “Jas, why don’t you just walk there?”

Removing her helmet, Jasmine replied with a grin, “I love the thrill of riding with the wind. The traffic is horrible at this hour, but it won’t affect me.

“Have you eaten, Grandma May? Maybe I should bring you along. You’ve been there, done that. Why don’t you check out the guy for me? My aunt said he works at Stone Group.”

Stone Group was the second biggest corporation in Wiltspoon right after the wealthy York Corporation. Both companies were on a higher threshold when it came to hiring talent. In other words, working at these companies was something to brag about.

Grandma May answered with a smile, “Serenity and I had takeout. Callum is coming to pick me up, so I’ll pass on crashing your date. I mean, even at my age, I still got it. What if your date falls for me?”

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