Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 44 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 44

Jasmine chuckled in amusement, loving Grandma May‘s funny quips . Jasmine had never met Zachary in person but got to know his aloof nature from her best friend. It was a wonder that he was related to Grandma May.

Soon, Callum arrived.

He was here to bring his gallivanting grandmother home. Nana reminded him to drive a cheaper vehicle.

The cheapest car in the house was a BMW used by the housekeeper to get groceries. However, it was worth over a million bucks. Since it was too late to buy one, Callum had to borrow the gardener‘s pickup truck.

“Serenity, I‘m here to take Nana home.”

Callum came into the shop and said hello to Serenity. “Drive safe. Nana, please give me a message when you get home,” Serenity urged and gave them the crafts she made today. She gave Callum a copper – wire miniature tree.

Callum was glad to accept the gift as he had grown to admire Serenity‘s work after seeing them around the house. He believed Serenity‘s handicrafts might not be worth a lot, but they were pleasing to the eye. Grandma May and Callum did not stay for long.

Once they were far away, Grandma May asked Callum,“ Where did you get this car?”

“It‘s Tom‘s truck to transport fertilizers and pots. I borrowed the car from him. We don‘t want Serenity to be suspicious now, do we?”

Since Zachary hid his wealth from Serenity, the whole family had to play along too.

Nevertheless, it was fun.

Callum looked forward to the day Zachary fell head over heels for Serenity. It would be intriguing to find out Serenity‘s response when she realized Zachary had been lying to her.

Fine. Secretly , Callum could not wait to watch Zachary worm his way out of this mess!

“No wonder I thought the car was familiar. So, it belongs to Tom.”

Pulling out her phone, Grandma May gave Zachary a call.

The old lady immediately put forth an order the moment Zachary picked up. “Zack, I‘m craving Beans and Cream‘s desserts. Can you get them for me? I love their desserts.”

Furrowing his brows, Zachary replied, “You can ask anyone else in the house to run the errand.”

Why did he have to make the trip?

“What? Can‘t I ask you? I‘m going to apply to be a cleaner at the office tomorrow if I don’t see Beans and Cream’s desserts on the table later.”

Zachary was speechless..

Nana had been acting out since the passing of Gramps, often dressing down as she got out and about. Well, Nana even got him a wife. “Fine, I‘ll go!”

Zachary hissed through gritted teeth.

Satisfied, Grandma May hung up the call.

Callum got a word in. “Nana, we could get the desserts on our way back if you want. Zachary doesn‘t have to do it.”

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