Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 45 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 45

Grandma May had her reasons.

It then hit Callum. He asked with a smile, “Nana, are you putting one over Zachary?” Giving him a side glance, Grandma York murmured, “One more question, and you‘re next.”

That shut Callum up.

Although Callum felt sorry for Zachary, it was best he stayed out of it for his own safety. Better Zachary than him.

Grandma May was a child trapped in an adult‘s body. Having found her inner child , Grandma May was on the prowl for setting her grandchildren up.

Meanwhile, Serenity closed the shop and took the helmet from her best friend to put on. She also took the keys and said, “I‘ll do it.”

Sitting at the back, Jasmine wrapped her arms around Serenity‘s waist. “If only you‘re a man, Serenity. I‘ll marry you right now, and that would get my mom off my back.”

“Hold still! Keep your hands to yourself or I‘ll throw you

off the bike.”

Serenity warned her best friend before starting the engine.

Although Serenity often passed by Beans and Cream, she had never stopped for a coffee as coffee was not her thing. She preferred rose or chamomile tea.

At Beans and Cream, the guy was already waiting. Perhaps to make an impression , the guy was dressed to the nines in a suit with a red–and–white–striped tie. Holding a bouquet of roses, he waited at the entrance.

Jasmine approached him with Serenity in tow.

“Are you Mr. Bill?” Mr. Bill sized Jasmine and Serenity up, unsure who his date was tonight. He was given a photograph of his date. Mr. Bill did take a quick look and knew that the girl was pretty, but he could not really remember her face. He was told to wait by the door with roses, so Ms. Sox could recognize him.

“Are you Ms. Sox?”

“Yes, I am.” Mr. Bill ushered the girls in with a smile. He had booked a table by the window for a nice view of the city.

After taking a seat, Mr. Bill stole a few glances at Serenity. Jasmine mentioned Serenity was married during a quick

introduction. It was a shame as Mr. Bill was drawn to Serenity’s graceful charms. For a minute, he thought Serenity was his date.

It turned out Serenity was already taken.

Jasmine only showed up because , for one, she could not take her mom‘s nagging anymore, and two, her aunt set up the date. Jasmine should at least be appreciative of her aunt‘s efforts.

There were no sparks between Jasmine and Mr. Bill. Jasmine was turned off by Mr. Bill as their conversation went on. Working at Stone Group as a manager, Mr. Bill considered himself a successful business elite. Although he was aware that the Soxes were wealthy , he believed they were only successful due to the property market boom.

In fact, Mr. Bill looked down on Jasmine.

Mr. Bill flexed his superiority and even talked about going halves after marriage. Following that point in the conversation , Serenity kicked her best friend under the table to give Jasmine her thumbs–down.

“I need to go to the washroom, Mr. Bill.”

Cutting Mr. Bill off from his big talk, Jasmine excused herself and got up to leave.

She gave her aunt a call in the loo to moan about the horrible date before calling her mom as well. Jasmine told

her mom that she would venture into nunhood if she had to go on another blind date with Tom, Dick, or Harry.

Mr. Bill acted all that just because he worked at Stone Group. It was not like he was the CEO.

For all she knew, the CEO was probably not as arrogant either.

Serenity was not a fan of Mr. Bill‘s character either. While her best friend was in the loo, she looked out the window and refused to engage in a conversation with Mr. Bill.

It was when Zachary came into the coffee house.

He had the habit of scanning a place wherever he went. It never occurred to him that he would catch his wife having coffee with another man.

Was she cheating on him?

Was she in a hurry to find someone better because she

could not get much out of him due to the contract? Perhaps Serenity was not going to sit around and wait to be divorced.

Zachary was about to approach her when Jasmine returned from the loo. Jasmine said something to the man before pulling his wife away to leave.

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