Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 869 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 869

Serenity said with a smile, “Of course, we’ll be open for business.”

“They said you’ll sell the business and take it easy with life when we found out you were the missus of the York family. They also said they are willing to buy your business no matter the cost because of the good energy in your shop.”

Mr. Charles added amid chuckles, “The place only has good energy because you’re there.”

Did these people think they would marry up like Serenity just by taking over her shop?

Nevertheless, it was not a bad idea to buy Serenity’s business. He could advertise saying that the shop once belonged to Mrs. York.

“I’m still the same me, Mr. Charles. Jasmine and I put a lot of hard work into the shop. I can’t just give up on the shop after running it for so many years.”

“I heard that the wives of wealthy families can’t work. Does Mr. York allow you to work?”

Mr. Charles was in the mood for some gossip.

Serenity kept quiet for a while before answering, “I’m a free person, Mr. Charles.”

Zachary had her fooled for more than four months, and his whole family was in on it too.

The lies would have begun to show their cracks if Serenity was not permitted to work. The women were probably allowed to work in the York family.

Although Serenity was upset that Zachary lied to her, she had to admit that the Yorks were well–cultured.

It dawned on her now that they were the blueblood through and through. Their manners and bearings were bred in the bones, not something an ordinary person could pick up.

Serenity finally understood why her mother–in–law suggested that she took a class in etiquette.

The Yorks were a family of high social standing.

The social gap put a lot of pressure on Serenity.

Mr. Charles said with a smile, “That’s what I said, but they wanted to bet on it. I’ll put in my wager and bet that you will still be open for business. They believe you’ll sell the business now that you have a rich husband. Apparently, you don’t need to work since you have the money.”

Serenity grinned. “You should bet big then.”

“I’ll put all my secret savings on it. Don’t tell my wife that I have extra cash stashed away, Serenity. Oh, are you going to bet too?”

Serenity answered, “It doesn’t seem fair to them if I bet on myself.”

Even if she wanted to sell the business, Serenity would hang on just to win the bet. Besides, it was not as though her shop was not making money. There was no way she was going to give up on her business unless the landlord ceased to rent the space, but that was something out of Serenity’s hands.

“Haha. You’re right. Don’t place a wager. It’s not good to be greedy. I can win some money if I bet all my savings on it. I’ll buy you a meal.”

“Is there a time frame for the bet?”

“Of course. It’s a month.”

Serenity replied with a grin, “You’ll win for sure.”

“It’ll be all thanks to you. That’s what they get for arguing with me and doubting me. I’m a good fortune teller, you know. Hahaha.”

Mr. Charles walked away with a spring in his step.

Serenity was caught between tears and laughter.

Fortune teller?

Mr. Charles was so happy it looked as though he would be winning a house from the bet.

Serenity opened the side entrance to get into the shop before unlatching the main entrance.

The fresh air whisked into the shop, clearing the stuffiness out of the room. It did not take long for the sunlight to replace the mustiness.

Out of habit, she started moving the display racks out of the shop.


Riding on her e–bike, Jasmine approached and saw Serenity out and about. She parked her ride and remarked with a smile, “I thought you’d take a few days off.” Serenity responded, “I can’t say no to making a buck.”


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