Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 874 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 874

The Hunts treated the sisters more like enemies than families.

“Here you are, my good grandson–in–law. Hurry up and do something about your wife. Serenity doesn’t know her manners. Without tough love from her parents, she hasn’t learned much about respect. I’m sure your family’s all about social graces since you’re an heir. You should divorce the uncultured girl.

“You better keep her on a tight leash if you want to stay with her. Hit her if she refuses to listen. You need to beat her into submission. Her grandmom used to be defiant, but I gave her a beating every day until she did everything I say.

“Serenity drenched my clothes. You might want to give me some money to get a change of clothes.”

The stoic air around Zachary gave Old Mr. Hunt the chills. Still, Old Mr. Hunt psyched himself up to put forth his opinion without shame.

Jasmine was tempted to whack the old man.

A grandfather like Old Mr. Hunt was unheard of.

She had a strong reason to doubt that Serenity’s father was not one of Old Mr. Hunt’s own.

Livid, Serenity carried the buckets into the loo and refilled them with water.

With Serenity hoisting another bucket of water, was Old Mr. Hunt going to get another round of splashing?

Old Mr. Hunt was only vulnerable to Serenity’s water strike because he was caught off guard the first time.

He tried to take cover behind Zachary.

“Seren, the bucket is heavy. Let me.”

Zachary, who was aloof a minute ago, went up to carry the bucket for Serenity. He even tenderly uttered, “Don’t toil yourself with the heavy lifting. Just say the word, and I’ll do your bidding.”

Old Mr. Hunt was speechless.

Turning on his heel, Old Mr. Hunt made a run for it.

Zachary came out with a bucket of water in hand.

As nimble as a deer, Old Mr. Hunt jumped into John’s car. Well, John’s luxurious car would guarantee a comfortable ride. That was his choice of ride whenever he took a trip.

The car made him look good.

His grandson’s success reflected well on Old Mr. Hunt as the grandfather.

Sure, his granddaughter had married into a rich family, but she did nothing to make him proud. In fact, his granddaughter and grandson–in–law poured water on him.

Serenity and her sister were nothing but liabilities!

Old Mr. Hunt had told the midwife in private when Serenity was born that she could drown the baby in the chamber pot if it was a girl. At least then, his daughter–in–law, Lisa, could work on giving his son a son.

His son, Scott, was not having it and threw a fit.

Scott said that he would never dump his flesh and blood, be it a son or a daughter!

Old Mr. Hunt was enraged as all he did was try to get Scott a son to carry the family name.

Back then, the government was offering generous benefits to parents to raise their kids, albeit the perks were only extended to a maximum of two children. With Scott having two children already, both daughters, he had no room or financial ability to have a son.

As Old Mr. Hunt suspected, Serenity was a girl.

Scoff and his wife loved the daughter all the same.

Daughters were liabilities. Serenity was making it big now, but she disowned her grandfather and even threw cold water at him!

Old Mr. Hunt believed he should have unsparingly left Serenity to drown in the chamber pot more than twenty years ago. Now that Serenity was all grown up, she was giving him hell.


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