Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 876 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 876

Mr. Zachary said something about putting his dignity aside to win his wife back.

He seemed to care about his dignity when it came down to it though.

Jim rushed into the car to grab the roses for Mr. Zachary.

“Sir, these are the flowers you bought for the missus. You haven’t given them to her.”

Jim handed the bouquet to Zachary.

Zachary snapped out of his thoughts. That was right. He bought Seren some roses.

Grabbing the bouquet from Jim, Zachary uttered in a husky voice, “I’ll let Sam know to double your bonus.”

Although over the moon, Jim remained respectful on the surface. “The bonus doesn’t matter to me so long as you and the missus can get back together.”

“I’ll use your bonus to buy my wife some flowers then.”

Jim was speechless.

All Jim did was pledge his loyalty, but Mr. Zachary took away his doubled bonus.

Everybody turned their heads away to hide their laughter.

With the bouquet in hand, Zachary was about to step into the shop when he pulled his leg back. He told his security detail, “Go on home. Your presence will remind Seren that I lied to her.”

His bodyguards were the symbol of his status as Mr. York in Wiltspoon.

The security team was lost for words.

Without a care about his security detail’s feelings, Zachary clutched onto the roses and entered the shop.

Sitting behind the cash register, Serenity was busy crafting.

Jasmine sat opposite Serenity, cupping her face with her hands while quietly observing her best friend.

With Zachary here, Jasmine rose to her feet to give Zachary her seat.

Serenity lifted her gaze to meet her eyes.

Jasmine sat back down, not moving over for anyone.

Uh, she nearly betrayed Serenity.

“Seren, these flowers are for you.”

Zachary put his hands out to offer the bouquet.

“Thanks, but no thanks. Please take the flowers away. You’re blocking my view.”

Serenity’s tone was flat as she met Zachary’s eyes. “Mr. York, I told you–l need some time alone.”

Zachary looked at her in silence, still holding the flowers up.

Tension ran high between the couple.

Jasmine quietly scooted over together with the chair.

“Serenity, Jasmine, I’m back. I bought you a lot of presents. Come out and help me carry them in.”

While the couple was at a standstill, Elisa’s voice echoed into the shop before her physical arrival.

Color drained from Jasmine’s face.

Elisa mentioned that she would be back today.

She came straight to the shop upon her return from her holidays.

Serenity looked as though she had seen a ghost.

Feeling bad, Zachary locked his grip on Serenity’s hand.

“Serenity, Jasmine, look what I got you… Zachary!”

Elisa excitedly barged into the place with her hands full of shopping bags. She bought whatever tickled her fancy during her travels as gifts for her best friends. Seeing that Zachary was here, Elisa had the shock of her life.


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