Married at First Sight Chapter 1639 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1639 by desirenovel-Elisa: “Mom, I’m in our hotel right now.”

Without telling her mother, she was already at the hotel.

After Mrs. Stone was silent for a while, she asked Elisa, “Are you having dinner with Remy?”

“Yes.” Elisa honestly admitted.

Her family disapproved of her being with Remy, and she didn’t listen to them. She felt very happy being with Remy.

The most important thing in life was to be happy for her.

Being with Remy could make her happy, so she stayed with Remy.

Elisa: “We just came here, and we haven’t ordered food yet. How about Remy and I go over and accompany you to treat Mr. Reading to dinner?”

Mrs. Stone pursed her lips and said, “I’m going to find you.”

After finishing speaking, she hung up phone.

Elisa held the mobile phone in her hand, looked at Remy, and said, “My mother is going to invite Mr. Reading to dinner, let us accompany her. After a while, my mother will come over. Let’s not order.”

Elisa knew all about the signature dishes.

Remy smiled: “Okay.”

He knew that Mrs. Stone was putting him in trouble.

Mr. Reading was the love rival that Mrs. Stone found for him. Although the Reading family had always kept a low profile, it was Tania’s natal family. Mr. Andrew Reading and Zachary were cousins. The Reading family and the Stone family were well-matched.

It was clear that Mrs. Stone was able to screen out and personally arrange for Andrew and Elisa to meet. It was clear that Andrew was also a fine gentleman.

Seeing Remy readily agreeing, Elisa hesitated to speak.

“Elisa, you can say whatever you want.” Remy said considerately.

Elisa: “My mother arranged it like that. I think my mother is trying to match me with Mr. Reading. I didn’t realize it the first time. No wonder my mother kept saying how good Mr. Reading is in front of me. I just realized it. That’s what my mother thought.”

Remy still said gently, “I know, I had that premonition when I saw Mr. Reading for the first time, and when I heard my aunt praise Mr. Reading fiercely.”

For this reason, he also specially called Zachary to ask about Andrew’s relationship, and confirmed that Andrew was single now and had no girlfriend.

Zachary laughed at him as a soldier.

Remy would rather have all the grass and trees as soldiers than guard against one less person.

He didn’t want the approval of the Stone family. Although Elisa was sometimes self-willed and had her own opinions, she was still filial.

If Mrs. Stone insisted that she and Andrew try to date, Elisa might compromise.

This was why when Remy saw Elisa sending Andrew out, he immediately regarded Andrew as a love rival to guard against.

Zachary’s life was good, he had a grandma to help him arrange everything, and get the certificate directly. He had never experienced fighting for his wife, so he couldn’t understand Remy’s nervousness.

Elisa: “…”

The first time she saw Andrew, she was the one who sent Andrew out.

She remembered that she didn’t even have a word with Andrew at that time, and she actually regarded Andrew as a rival in love.

“Elisa, no matter how many people pursue you, I will never give up. Everyone has competed fairly, which also shows that you are a good girl.” Remy was under pressure in his heart, but he didn’t show it on the surface.

Instead, he consoled Elisa. There was no need for psychological stress. He had faith in his own intuition and feelings.


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