Married at First Sight Chapter 2566 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2566-Rosella said: “Let’s go to dinner. I called the Wiltspoon Hotel and booked a private room. Let’s go there to eat and celebrate. I also invited everyone to the hotel for dinner. Grandma knows that you two got married today. I’m very happy to get the certificate.

Camryn, I just called your aunt Azalea (Evelyn) and told her about you and Callum getting the marriage certificate. Please ask your aunt to come over so that you and Callum can talk about the wedding.

There are still a few months before the New Year, so we should try to have the wedding before the end of the year.”

Rosella was so quick.

As soon as the two little ones here received their certificates, she made an appointment with Azalea (Evelyn) over there to discuss the wedding of the young couple.

Although Camryn’s stepfather and biological mother were still there, they were in prison, and Camryn hated them and would not discuss the wedding with them. Therefore, Rosella invited Azalea to come over.

However, Mrs. Newman was Camryn’s biological mother after all. Rosella still asked her daughter-in-law for her wishes: “Camryn, where is your mother? Do you want to tell her?”

Camryn may not be able to get blessings from Mrs. Newman, but let her know.

After Camryn thought for a while, she said, “I’ll go with Callum to see her and tell her that my parents can talk to my little aunt Azalea about everything about Callum and my wedding. Even though the Newman family is big, only my little aunt Azalea is good to me.”

Camryn also had a younger brother, but he was still young and did not understand this.


Rosella smiled. “Your little aunt is also very happy to know that you have received your marriage certificate. She said she would come over in the afternoon.”

After Camryn and Callum got engaged, the York family supported her. Her eyes were also getting better, and Azalea was relieved to leave her poor and lucky niece to Callum to take care of her.

Azalea also had a lot of things going on at home, so she didn’t go back to her parents’ house often. But she often talks to Camryn and her sister on the phone.

In Camryn’s heart, Azalea had long since taken her mother’s place.

The maternal love she couldn’t get from her biological mother. She felt the care like maternal love from her little aunt, Azalea.

Rosella asked, “When are you and Callum going to visit the prison?”

“In the afternoon. When she comes back after seeing her, my little aunt is here too.”

Rosella nodded. “Let’s go eat first so we don’t get hungry.”

As Rosella said that, she reached for her son, but when she saw that his hand was on her daughter-in-law’s hand, she pulled her hand back, stopped, and said to him with a smile, “Today, you two just received the marriage certificate. Mom won’t compete with you for Camryn.”

Callum laughed. Then he said to his newlywed wife, “Honey, I’m feeling a bit anxious. I have the feeling that my mother will take you away at any moment. Dad, you need to support your wife and assist your son. Keep your wife from constantly glancing at my wife.”

“Callum.” Camryn blushed and patted his arm.

The whole family laughed.

They left the Civil Affairs Bureau with a smile and went to the Wiltspoon Hotel for dinner.

Before Callum drove, he took photos of two marriage certificates and sent them to Moments to officially announce his marriage.

He was Camryn’s husband as of today, and Camryn was his wife.

Camryn also openly posted the news of his marriage in his circle of friends.

It quickly received a ton of likes.


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