Married at First Sight Chapter 2567 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2567-Kevin, who was far away in Jensburg, also saw the moments posted by his second brother, Callum, and saw that his second brother and second sister-in-law received their marriage certificates. He was so envious.

He couldn’t sit still and immediately walked out of his office in the hotel, left the hotel, and drove to the Queen Enterprise.

At this time, Hayden had just finished negotiating a business deal.

She stood up, stretched out her hand to shake the other person’s hand, and said gently, “Mr. Johnston, it’s a pleasure to work with you.”

Mr. Johnston smiled and said, “It’s a pleasure to work with you.”

Hayden said politely, “It’s dinner time, Mr. Johnston; I treat you to a meal.”

“Thank you, Mr. Queen. I am coming here this time. My schedule is very tight, and I really can’t spare the time. I have to catch a flight, so dinner can only be done on the plane. Next time, next time I come over, I will treat you to dinner.”

Hayden said understandingly, “Mr. Johnston, when you come over, it must be me who invites you to dinner. How can you invite me? Then next time you come over, you must give me a chance to treat you to dinner.”

“Definitely.” Mr. Johnston responded with a smile.

Hayden glanced at Hugh.

Hugh understood and got up to get the Jensburg specialties that she had prepared for Mr. Johnston.

“Mr. Johnston, this is some Jensburg specialty we prepared for you. It’s not something expensive; it’s our Jensburg specialty for you to try.”

Mr. Johnston declined politely and finally took it with a smile. After receiving the gift, he said, “Mr. Queen, you’re too polite.”

Although it was difficult to win the order from Queen Enterprise when discussing business with Hayden, it was hard to find fault with Hayden’s way of dealing with people. Even though she was a serious and cold person.

It’s just that such a good young talent was actually gay.

It really disappointed many bosses who wanted to marry the Queen family.

If Hayden was not gay, they would all want to lead a red line between their daughter and Hayden.

Hayden, Hugh, and several senior executives escorted Mr. Johnston and his people out of the president’s office and directly to the office building. They watched Mr. Johnston and his entourage get into the pre-arranged vehicle and head to Jensburg’s international airport.

Mr. Johnston was indeed in a hurry and had no time to go to the Greenrest Hotel for dinner.

The vehicle in which Mr. Johnston was sitting met Kevin’s Maybach at the gate of Queen Enterprise.

Mr. Johnston didn’t recognize Kevin’s car, nor did he know Kevin. He had only heard of the third young master of the York family. It was only after the scandal about Kevin and Hayden’s homos*xuality spread that Mr. Johnston paid attention to Kevin.

It could be said that Kevin was famous for his first love.

Many people who usually didn’t pay enough attention to him started to pay attention to him because he pursued the president of Queen Enterprise.

Kevin’s car moved out of the way of Mr. Johnston’s car, and after Mr. Johnston’s car drove out, he drove into Queen Enterprise.

Mr. Johnston also turned around and looked. “Whose car is that?”

Since Mr. Johnston came from out of town, the car he was riding in was invited. The driver was from Jensburg. After hearing Mr. Johnston’s words, the driver started driving the car. He replied, “That’s the car of the third young master of the York family. Now everyone in Jensburg knows that the third young master of York and the young master of Queen often use the same car; both are Maybachs. The license plate number is different only in the last digit, which is recognized.”


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