Married at First Sight Chapter 2568 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2568-Mr. Johnston suddenly realized and said, “It turns out to be the car of Mr. York. He really goes to the Queen Enterprise to pester Mr. Queen every day. I thought it was a rumor.”

The driver said, “This is not a rumor; it is a fact. Young Master Queen is the youngest and most outstanding president of a large company in Jensburg. His handsome appearance has attracted many girls. He is the dream man for young women in Jensburg.

I didn’t expect that Young Master Queen, whom so many girls couldn’t catch up with, was actually pursued by a man.

However, from their appearance, Young Master York and Young Master Queen are really a good match. If one of them is a woman, that’s a match made in heaven. It’s a pity that they are two grown men.”

The love between the two people slapped many girls in the face.

The daughters of famous families in Jensburg hated Kevin so much that they actually lost to this man!

“Have they confirmed their relationship?” Mr. Johnston was gossiping. “I heard that Young Master York is still pursuing Young Master Queen. Is it wishful thinking of Young Master York? In fact, Young Master Queen is always a normal man, and Young Master York is the one who is abnormal?”

The driver replied, “I don’t care about this. I’m just a driver, and I know what everyone in Jensburg knows. Who knows what’s really going on? Young Master Queen is indifferent. Although he has contacts with many bosses, he has no real close friends.”

Mr. Johnston: “Really. No one can know his inner thoughts, but I heard that Young Master Queen is becoming more and more tolerant towards Young Master York, and Young Master York even wore women’s clothes and pretended to be a woman for Young Master Queen. Young Master Queen should like women; otherwise, Young Master York wouldn’t wear women’s clothes and pretend to be a woman for him.”

Kevin swaggered around the market in women’s clothes and even went to the Queen Enterprise. There were many people there, and it was impossible for everyone to keep it a secret for him. If someone said it, it would spread to ten, and it would soon spread throughout Jensburg.

Mr. Johnston added, “I heard that the York family in Wiltspoon has always had a very good family tradition. The young Master York is so crooked that the elders of the family don’t even care. It’s a good thing that the elders are open-minded, but this is too much.

As long as the elders take care of it, Young Master York will not be so presumptuous. He is a good-grown man, but he is gay. If I were his son, I could be mad at him.”

Mr. Johnston’s subordinates also echoed his words.

Even the driver shared their opinion.

Homos*xuality was difficult for many people to accept.

Kevin didn’t know that just walking by him like this would attract comments from strangers.

But he didn’t care.

There was also a sense of superiority that made him sober when everyone else was drunk.

When he first started pursuing Hayden, it was still rough and turbulent. As time passed, everyone had become accustomed to his and Hayden’s affairs.

Anyway, no matter what others say, he just knew that he was a normal man.

Hayden saw Kevin’s vehicle driving into her company, so she stopped and said to everyone, “It’s time to get off work. You guys should go have a meal too.”

Kevin’s Maybach drove straight to the door of the office building and stopped. As soon as they saw each other, they knew what was going on, and they dispersed. Only Hugh stayed with his sister and saw Kevin getting out of the car holding a large bouquet of flowers.

Hugh said, “Sister, every time I see him, he buys you a big bouquet of roses. It feels so romantic.”

Hayden glanced at Hugh and said coldly, “This kind of romance is for you to enjoy. “Okay.”

Hugh laughed lowly. “I told Kevin to let him pursue me. I don’t mind having a gay relationship with him, but he doesn’t look down on me. What can I do?”


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