Married at First Sight Chapter 2569 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2569-Kevin walked into the office building holding a bouquet.

After getting off work hours, many employees went out. They were used to it when they saw Kevin coming in with a bouquet of flowers. It would be strange if Kevin didn’t show up one day.

“Mr. York.”

No matter how much everyone slandered Kevin in their hearts, they still treated him respectfully.

Kevin smiled and nodded, responding to the greetings of the staff.

Soon, he walked up to the Queen siblings.

“Hayden, let’s get off work. I’ll pick you up, and let’s go to dinner together. This bouquet of flowers is for you.”

Kevin said that and handed the bouquet to Hayden.

Hayden said calmly, “As I said, I don’t like bouquets. Don’t bring me a bouquet every time you come over. My office has almost become a flower shop.”

Sometimes Kevin would visit her multiple times each day and deliver bouquets to her.

If Hayden threw the bouquet he sent into the trash can, he would retaliate by sending her more flowers.

Kevin seemed to be about to eat Hayden alive.

Kevin: “I’ll buy more vases and send them to your office.”

Hayden: “Are you trying to insinuate that I am a vase? Fill my office with vases.”

Kevin smiled. “Well, it’s mine, isn’t it? Then I won’t send you this kind of bouquet next time, but a bouquet that is easy to handle. Those vases in your office can be moved home and displayed, so that your office is no longer a place for vases.”

Hugh was standing aside. He said, “Mr. York, my brother doesn’t like the bouquet you sent, but I like it very much. Give it to me. I will give it to my confidante and save a lot of money.”

“Hugh, you haven’t gotten off work yet.”

Kevin stuffed the bouquet into Hayden’s arms and naturally took one of Hayden’s hands.

Hugh pretended to be exaggerated and said, “Mr. York, I am standing here as a big man. Don’t tell me that you have only seen me now. Then your eyesight will be wrong. Brother, you have to think carefully; don’t choose a blind man.”

“That’s because I only have Hayden in my eyes, and I can’t see you as a light bulb. Hayden, let’s go to dinner, and I’ll tell you some news later. Should we go to the Fortress Hotel? Or just go home to eat?”

The house Kevin bought in the Yuvinn Villa area was under renovation. If he really went home to eat, he would go to Hayden’s small home. Anyway, he was a regular visitor there.

Hayden said helplessly, “With so many people watching, Kevin, you can’t save some face for me.”

Kevin pulled her out and smiled: “We are aboveboard, not sneaky; there is nothing wrong with being embarrassing. Who else in Jensburg doesn’t know about us?”

Seeing his proud look, Hayden really wanted to kick him.

Hugh followed the two of them and said as he walked, “You invited my brother to dinner, but not me, Mr. York. If you don’t invite me to dinner, I might wear small shoes for you, say bad things about you in front of my brother, and ruin your good impression with my brother.”

Kevin said confidently, “Hayden understands the type of person I am, and she has faith in me. You should make an appointment with your confidant and make a decision once you’ve found the right one; Hayden should not be concerned about your marriage.”

Hugh: “…”

As for Hayden’s bodyguard group, they had become invisible.


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