Married at First Sight Chapter 2570 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2570-Hugh followed them silently.

He stood by helplessly as Kevin pushed Hayden into the car. Soon, the Maybach drove out of Queen Enterprise under his gaze.

Hugh muttered, “Kevin is really the most arrogant brother-in-law I have ever seen. He is not at all fawning or flattering to his only brother-in-law.”

After muttering, Hugh did not follow him to become a light bulb.

If he really had a brother, he would definitely follow Kevin, and he couldn’t let Kevin harm his brother.

But Hayden was his sister, and his sister would always get married. Kevin was suitable for his sister, so he couldn’t follow him to be a light bulb; otherwise, Kevin would go to his parents to sue him, and his parents would scold him.

Now, in front of his parents, Kevin was much more respectable than his siblings.

“Hugh didn’t follow, did he?” Kevin asked Hayden in the passenger seat while driving.

Hayden didn’t even need to look back. She said, “He’s just a mean talker. He won’t really follow us. He’s afraid you’ll sue him in front of my parents. He’s only ten minutes younger than me, but he still has no girlfriend yet.

When I had you, my parents naturally set their sights on him and began to worry about his life events. As soon as you complained about him, my parents scolded him, and the scolding would turn into urging marriage, and he’s scared to death.”

Hayden was a little anxious about Hugh’s undecided thoughts, but he had no choice but to do so.

She had Kevin, but she still didn’t know where her brother’s other half was.

In the past, Hayden always wanted to bring Hugh and Kathryn together, but unfortunately, Hugh was not interesting, and Kathryn had no feelings for him either.

But Kathryn had Pedro Fraser by her side.

Kevin chuckled. “I don’t want to sue Hugh all the time. Who told him to always be a light bulb and disturb our dates? He’s such a big man; it’s better for Sonny to have winks. Sonny knows what light bulbs mean.”

Sonny: His uncle always said that he was a little light bulb. The more he talked about it, the more he gradually understood that as long as his uncle and his aunt were together and he followed, his uncle would call him a light bulb.

“You said you wanted to tell me something, what?”

Hayden leaned back on the car seat to relax her nerves.

She and Kevin were the only ones in the car. The bodyguard team also followed behind in the bodyguard car, and they couldn’t hear what the two people said in the car.

Kevin said, “My second brother and second sister-in-law went to get their marriage certificate today. The certificate they got in the morning was posted on Moments just now. I was so jealous.”

Hayden understood that Kevin was here to coax her into getting married.

She said calmly, “Second Young Master York and Miss Newman are already engaged. They can get the certificate at any time.”

Kevin immediately said, “Then we can also get engaged. Once engaged, you can get the certificate from me when you want. You can get a marriage certificate; I won’t rush you.”

After Hayden was silent for a while, she said, “I haven’t decided whether to marry you yet. Don’t be in a hurry. Marriage is a lifelong event, and I always have to think about it carefully.”

Kevin said, “Well, you can think about it slowly and think it over clearly. You can tell me at any time. We can get engaged, get the certificate, and hold the wedding at any time. We guarantee one-stop service. You don’t have to worry about it at all. You can continue to do your business. During the wedding days, you can take a few days off and marry me.

Oh, after the wedding, we have to rest for a month. We need a honeymoon. You are usually so busy that you don’t even have time to drink a glass of water. You have to have a good rest when we get married. I think you rarely travel, right?”


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