Married at First Sight Chapter 2572 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2572-Kevin: “I am considerate and gentlemanly.”

Hayden smiled and took her man out of the car, letting him show off.

However, Kevin wanted to hold her hand and enter the hotel together, but she refused and withdrew the hand he held.

Kevin’s eyes dimmed slightly.

In public, Hayden was never willing to act like a lover with him.

As she said, she didn’t love him deeply enough.

The two walked side by side. After a few steps, Hayden suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Kevin asked her concernedly.

Couldn’t it be those suitors who met her?

Kevin looked ahead and did not see her suitors.

“Holden Janzen.”

Hayden whispered, and then she pulled Kevin away and hid behind a car.

The bodyguards thought they were in danger, so their instinctive reaction was to rush to Hayden’s door as quickly as possible.

They got ready to help their eldest young master stay out of danger’s way.

“Everyone hide; don’t block me!” Hayden whispered to the bodyguards.

Bodyguard: “…”

It turned out that their eldest young master wanted to read someone’s gossip.

Hayden pointed at an old man wearing sunglasses and dressed in black. The old man was holding a young woman in his arms. The woman had an angelic face, a devilish figure, and was dressed s*xily.

As long as the men walking by her could not help but turn their heads to look at her a few more times.

“That’s Kathryn’s biological father, Holden Janzen, the husband of Matriarch Farrell. I don’t know the woman next to him. He actually dares to cheat outside. If Matriarch Farrell sees this, she will be stripped of his skin.”

Hearing that he was the husband of Matriarch Farrell, Kevin immediately took out his mobile phone and took the time to secretly record the video.

He said, “Matriarch Farrell is still staying in Wiltspoon after attending the wedding of my eldest brother and sister-in-law. Her husband probably wants to sneak food while she is away in Jensburg.”

Hayden said, “Matriarch Farrell is in charge of her husband. She’s so strict that Holden probably wouldn’t dare steal it. At most, he would just cuddle and take advantage, like he is doing now. He doesn’t even have the money to satisfy the woman’s various requirements.”

That woman’s appearance was so good. Tall with a hot figure, she was the type that most men would like. No wonder Holden, who had always been tightly controlled and did not dare to have the slightest intention of cheating, couldn’t help it. While his old wife was not in Jensburg, Sneakly found a young woman to come to the hotel for dinner.

Kevin whispered above her head, “You don’t understand the bad nature of men. Matriarch Farrell will come back sooner or later. How can Holden not eat secretly while she is away?

Do you think he brought this woman to the hotel just for dinner? Should you inform Kathryn to come over and help her mother catch the traitor?”

Hayden said, “Kathryn is having a hard time in the Farrell family. Let her come to help Matriarch Farrell catch the traitor. Instead, if the Farrell family questions her as the culprit, this kind of thing needs to be seen by Matriarch Farrell inadvertently, so that she can catch her husband cheating on her personally.”

By the way, the Farrell family has been very uneasy recently.

Kathryn’s brothers all had mistresses outside, and her sisters-in-law had serious quarrels with her brothers, and everyone in the upper class knew about it.

It is said that everyone in the Farrell family, except Kathryn, had long known that Young Master Farrell and others had women outside.

They just helped hide it from a few young ladies.


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