Married at First Sight Chapter 2573 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2573-Later, Kathryn saw her brother and his girlfriend outside. She couldn’t bear to keep her sisters-in-law in the dark, so she told them, and then her brother-in-law and sister-in-law started to argue.

From a woman’s perspective, Hayden felt that Kathryn did a good job.

Just because the cheater was her brother, she couldn’t cover up and help deceive her sisters-in-law.

If the roles were reversed, how would it feel if your husband cheated on you and everyone knew about it but you kept it secret?

“Holden isn’t that stupid. The main reason for Matriarch Farrell’s return is that he will not go out and have some fun.”

When Kevin spoke, his eyes flashed, and he said with a low smile, “But we can help Matriarch Farrell, If you see her, you have to tell her. After all, she is my sister-in-law’s aunt, and she can be considered a relative of my sister-in-law. Hayden, do you think so?”

Hayden said to him, “It’s bad enough; I’m afraid Matriarch Farrell won’t be in chaos, right? But I support you!”

Hayden couldn’t help but smile after saying that and said, “It seems like I’m not that good after all. But we are all good people. Look at what Holden did. He did something wrong. We helped him correct it. We did it to vent his anger at Matriarch Farrell. We did not frame him or wrongly accuse him.

I am especially ashamed of Holden’s behavior. If he dislikes his old wife at home, he can divorce her. If he doesn’t want to divorce, but he also wants a young and beautiful girl outside, he wants to have his cake and eat it too. How can such a good thing happen?”

Anyway, Kevin captured a video of Holden hooking up with a young girl. The Fortress Hotel also had surveillance cameras, and he could definitely capture Holden walking into the hotel with that young girl in his arms.

It’s not that Kevin wronged Holden.

Kevin said, “Matriarch Farrell is so powerful, Holden dares to go out to eat secretly.”

Holden had already entered the hotel with his arms around the hot young girl.

Hayden and others no longer had to hide. She stood up straight and stared at the door of the hotel. She said in a low voice, “Holden’s presence in our circle is almost zero. He is just the Farrell family’s son-in-law. He married Matriarch Farrell, not Matriarch Farrell married him.

I heard that when they got married, Matriarch Farrell gave the Janzen family a gift. After Holden married Matriarch Farrell, his main task was to have a baby with Matriarch Farrell. The son Matriarch Farrell gave birth to has his surname Janzen, and the daughter she gave birth to has the surname of the Farrell family. Of course, it is okay if she wants her son to have the surname Farrell, but he did not give his son the surname Farrell. Maybe men are still special about their children’s surnames.

His wife, who is in charge of the Farrell family, is very strict. Holden’s pocket money never exceeds $500. He has gone out and fooled around before, but Matriarch Farrell found out, and after being taught a lesson, he lost his lustful heart and courage.

Now that he has money and goes out to fool around, it is probably because his children respect him. He is quite good to his children, and he loves them very much. He loves his adoptive daughter, Shiloh, most. Kathryn, his biological daughter, is just like Matriarch Farrell: distant and cold.

Kathryn did not grow up beside them, and she is already in her twenties when she returns to the Farrell family. It is difficult for parents to cultivate feelings.

Given Holden’s situation, who would pay attention to him? There are really not many people who recognize him. Even fewer people can recognize him when he puts on sunglasses. I saw him attending banquets with Matriarch Farrell several times before, so I had an impression of him; otherwise, I wouldn’t have recognized him at this moment.”

Kevin suddenly said, “I see.”

If there were banquets in Jensburg’s upper class, Kevin would occasionally attend, but he didn’t pay much attention to Holden, the husband of Matriarch Farrell.

Unless Hayden said it, Kevin wouldn’t have known that the old man was Holden.

“Let’s go; we’re going in too.”

Hayden tugged on Kevin’s clothes.


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