Married at First Sight Chapter 2574 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2574-Kevin followed her and said as he walked, “I don’t know when Matriarch Farrell will come back. I really can’t wait to watch the Farrell family’s drama.”

Hayden turned her head to look at him and said, “Even if Matriarch Farrell finds out that her husband eats outside, she won’t make trouble outside. She will take Holden back and make trouble behind closed doors. You won’t be able to see the show, even if you want to.”

“Isn’t there Kathryn? Kathryn personally controlled the Farrell family. The calm on the surface was broken. Can her father’s scandal be hidden? I don’t believe it anyway.” After thinking about it, Kevin whispered, “Kathryn is not simple either; she made a big mess at home. She can find an opportunity to clean out her brothers from the Farrell Group. Without those troublemakers, her position in the Farrell Group can be stronger. She is truly worthy of being the biological daughter of Matriarch Farrell to deal with her own siblings. “

After Hayden was silent for a while, she spoke for Kathryn: “Kathryn has the cruelty of a woman from the Farrell family, but her cruelty is still a little different from Matriarch Farrell. I dare to bet that the best she can do is drive her brothers out of the Farrell Group and prevent them from enriching their own pockets, forming cliques, and causing trouble. She will never kill her own brothers like Matriarch Farrell did. “

Kevin knew that Hayden admired Kathryn, so he couldn’t talk about Kathryn’s faults anymore, so he changed the topic.

The group entered the hotel, and Kevin took Hayden directly to the top floor in his special elevator and to his presidential suite, which had a revolving buffet where Hayden could eat whatever he wanted.

Kevin still wanted to know what Holden and that hot-figured young girl were doing. He secretly sent messages and arranged for someone to help him keep an eye on Holden’s every move. If Holden opened the room with the hot girl and entered the room, just take a back photo of them entering the room together.

At the same time, the Farrell Group,

In the CEO’s office, Kathryn sat alone at her desk, eating fast food.

She was busy at work, so she didn’t want to go out to eat; she just came and went, wasting time.

She ordered takeout in advance.

Sometimes, she would go downstairs and eat in the company canteen.

Unless she was entertaining clients, she would only go to high-end hotels to spend money.

Having experienced the hardships of starting a business, she knew that making money was not easy.

Miss Farrell was not as lavish in consumption as Shiloh, spending money like water.

She spent what she should spend and didn’t spend a penny on what she shouldn’t.

For example, when it came to eating, as long as she could eat enough, she didn’t choose.

Unlike Shiloh, who spent at least several thousand dollars to have a meal out, if she drank some wine, it would cost tens of thousands.

“Dun dun——”

Kathryn’s cell phone rang, and there was a new message.

While she was eating, she took her phone and looked at a video and several photos that Pedro Fraser sent her.

Whether it’s a video or a photo, it’s all a picture of her dad and that hot girl together.

The hot girl was the mistress of a certain big boss. Since the big boss would only visit her once in a while, she couldn’t bear the loneliness and often went out to have a romantic and happy life secretly.


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