The Mans Decree Chapter 3610

Particularly regarding the speed of time’s flow, there were instances when individuals perceived time as fleeting rapidly and other moments when it appeared to progress at a leisurely pace.

These were all perceptions of the passage of time, but they were merely coincidental. To be able to perceive the flow of time anywhere and anytime was no ordinary feat.

“Time never ceases. Its flow always feels the same. How can one possibly perceive it as fast or slow?”

Kai furrowed his brows, his expression showing great distress.

If he couldn’t perceive the passage of time, it would be incredibly difficult to activate this time magical item, let alone attempt to go back in time.

To uncover who exactly had annihilated the Blood Spirit Valley, they had to rely solely on the time magical item in Kai ’s possession.

Kai felt as if his head was about to explode, so he walked over to the window and quietly looked outside.

Outside the window, there was a tree. Under the illumination of the moonlight, the shadow of the tree was cast into Kai ’s room.

Kai gazed at the shadow of the large tree within the room, each leaf clear as day.

Kai watched quietly, becoming completely engrossed in no time.

Soon, he discovered that among the shadows of these leaves, there was one leaf that was constantly changing.

The shadow of this leaf evolved from a delicate bud into a mature leaf.

Kai quickly turned his gaze toward the large tree. He saw that on one of its branches, leaves were continuously sprouting.

He observed the life cycle of the leaves in a detached manner, from their emergence as minuscule buds, their development into full- fledged leaves, and ultimately their decay and detachment.

The leaves on this branch were caught in an endless cycle.

While observing the changes in the leaves, Kai seemed to have gained a profound understanding of time in an instant.

The sunlight shone on Kai ’s face.

The timepiece in Kai ’s hand began to emit a radiant glow, its hands whirling backward at an astonishing speed.

Kai only felt as though his soul had entered a time vortex, constantly being drawn in.

Quickly, he felt as if time had stopped. He slowly opened his eyes.

He found himself unexpectedly floating above the Blood Spirit Valley.

At this very moment, within the Blood Spirit Valley, cries of battle echoed, the air thick with the scent of blood.

Kai discovered that numerous disciples from the Blood Spirit Valley were engaged in a life- and-death battle with a group of people.

Among this group of people, Kai was surprised to find Helmut from Bloodroot Peak, who was also Igor’s junior.

His eyes were filled with surprise. He had never imagined that the person responsible for the

massacre at the Blood Spirit Valley would actually be from those at Bloodroot Peak, a sect that shared the same lineage as those from the Blood Spirit Valley.

This was simply unbelievable. If Kai hadn’t gone back in time, no one would believe that any of this was real.

Under Kai ’s watchful gaze, the people of Blood Spirit Valley were completely massacred.

Helmut ordered someone to clean up the scene and conceal their aura.

After that, Helmut suddenly looked up at the sky. He kept feeling as if a pair of eyes were watching him.

However, he didn’t see anything. He could only hastily depart with the people from Bloodroot Peak.

Not long after the people of Bloodroot Peak had left, individuals from the Five Great Sects arrived.

After a brief stay, they too departed.

Everything had happened just as Lauden had said.

“Mr. Chance, Mr. Chance…”

Kai felt someone calling out to him.

He felt his soul being rapidly drawn back, instantly returning to his physical form.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes, only to find himself still in the room. Igor, Rosetta, and Dalton were calling out to him.

“Mr. Lothian…”

Upon seeing it was Igor, Kai let out a long sigh of relief. If someone had attacked him just now, he probably wouldn’t have been able to dodge it at all.

With a sense of confusion, Igor asked, “Mr. Chance, what’s wrong with you? You were completely still.”


Kai hesitated, unsure whether he should reveal the truth to Igor.

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