Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 885 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 885

Nevertheless, Josh was a brilliant man.

Mrs. Sox would sigh to herself every time Josh invited her son out for dinner. She would leap with delight if Josh asked her daughter out instead. In fact, Mrs. Sox would be laughing in her sleep.

Josh earnestly replied, “Mrs. Sox, I’m not pretending to be Jasmine’s date. To put it accurately, I’m pursuing Jasmine. She hasn’t agreed to be my girlfriend.”

Mrs. Sox put the phone away from her ear, making sure she had called the right number. She picked her ear before placing the phone back against it. She asked, ” Are you really Mr. Bucham?”

“It’s me, Mrs. Sox.”

“Did you say you’re wooing Jasmine and not Drake?”

Josh replied, “Mrs. Sox… I’m a straight guy. I only like women.”

He moaned in his mind, ‘My future mother-in-law and Jasmine are the same to suspect I have a thing for Drake.’

Amusingly, Mrs. Sox did not stop him from asking Drake out despite her suspicions.

The old lady was quite open-minded.

“But you’re so nice to Drake, so much so I thought you fell in love with my boy. I often asked his father about what we should do if our son has a husband and whether he could accept it. Man, you should see the look on his face.”

Josh was at a loss for words.

“Mrs. Sox.”

Holding a palm up against his face, Josh explained, “I like your daughter, Jasmine. I was only nice to Drake because he is Jasmine’s brother. I was trying to impress my future brother-in-law and get in his good graces.

“Hadn’t Jasmine come along every time I asked Drake out?”

Mrs. Sox burst out laughing. “I see. I see. It’s good that you’re not interested in Drake that way. At least I don’t have to worry whether I can accept a man as my son’s other half. Come here, honey. I got some good news for you. You don’t have to worry about your son bringing home a man.

“Mr. Bucham isn’t infatuated with Drake. He’s smitten with our daughter. I guess you

can say that he had an ulterior motive. Hahaha. I can’t believe someone is interested in our Jasmine.”

Josh was speechless.

So was Jasmine.

Was she that bad?

There were a lot of guys who had a crush on her. She was not looking for a

relationship, that was all. She could enjoy the single and free life without putting herself out there to be hurt.

Love hurt for Seren.

“Mrs. Sox, I’m serious with Jasmine. Although I haven’t won her heart, I’m trying. I hope you can give me a chance, and don’t put me up against love rivals.”

Mrs. Sox was on cloud nine, mainly because someone wanted her daughter. Seeing that her daughter did not shy away from the man, Mrs. Sox knew that her daughter was attracted to Josh.

She answered with a smile, “I’ll give you all the chances in the world. Well, I really like you. I constantly told my husband that it would be great if you fell for Jasmine instead. I can’t believe my dreams came true. Alright, I’ll let her aunt know to disinvite the date. Come along with Jasmine to her aunt’s place later.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Sox.”

Knowing the right words to say, Josh had Mrs. Sox tickled pink.

Jasmine watched as Josh had a great conversation with her mom. She made the right choice by keeping from her family that Josh was after her. Just look at her



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