Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 887 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 887

Jasmine could not help but laugh. “You can be a landlord whenever you want.”

“My family’s houses and stores belong to my parents, not me. My mom only told me to collect the rent because she’s too lazy to do it herself, and she gives me a few thousand as remuneration.”

Her parents’ money belonged to themselves,

Her capabilities could only be measured by the money she earned by herself.

“Aunt Rachel said that Shawn came back and asked us to go over for dinner for a get- together.

“He just came back for the weekend to see my aunt. He won’t try to bug Seren, so you and Mr. York should stop attacking him and Lowe Enterprise.”

Jasmine was not dumb. She figured everything out after learning that Zachary was from the York family.

Jasmine would not believe that Josh did not have a hand in Lowe Enterprise being


Josh did not have a guilty conscience, so he said, “Zachary only told Mr. Lowe the reason he terminated their cooperation out of consideration for you and I. Otherwise, Lowe Enterprise would still have no inkling what hit them.”

Jasmine looked at him and thought, ‘Out of consideration for you? What do you have to do with the Lowe family?’

However, when she thought of how Josh was trying to pursue her…

Zachary was still a man with some respect. He was not as heartless as the rumors painted him to be.

“Shawn likes Seren very much, but he gave up after knowing that she’s married to Zachary,”

Jasmine remembered what her mom had told her. After New Year’s, Aunt Rachel told Shawn her decision to send him to the branch office in Havenmill so he could start over from the bottom. They also froze Shawn’s bank account and allowance.

Recounting Shawn’s reaction at that time…

“Mom, I already did as you said. I stopped contacting Seren and going to see her. Isn’t it enough? Why are you chasing me out to Havenmill?”

Shawn was furious:

His mother controlled him and forbade him from meeting Serenity. He was not even allowed to call her. He missed her so much that he was going crazy, but for her sake, he tried his best to endure it and did not dare visit her bookstore.

Despite that, his mother still wanted to send him to Havenmill.

Shawn angrily asked his mother, “What do you want from me, Mom? I’m your son. Don’t you feel distressed for me?”

Aunt Rachel stood up and wanted to slap him, but her hand froze midair as she stared at her son’s angry face. His handsome face which was originally full of vigor and vitality was now sunken and lifeless because of Serenity.

However, it was not Serenity’s fault. It was her son’s feelings.

Having emotions was always more painful than being void of them.

Shawn loved Serenity deeply. Serenity was not affected at all, but Shawn lived in pain and yearning every day.

Aunt Rachel felt heartbroken for her son.

However, she said the cruelest words to him. She dropped her hand and said coldly,” Do you know who Serenity’s husband is?”

She looked her son in the eyes and continued, “Do you think the man she suddenly married is really just an ordinary employee? Do you think you can compete with him because you’re the young master of the Lowe family? Shawn, you’re still too young. How can you fight with your love rival when you don’t even know his identity?

“I’ll tell you then. The man Serenity married isn’t an ordinary employee. He’s the CEO of York Corporation. Don’t widen your eyes and look so shocked. It’s the truth. Serenity’s husband is the eldest young master of the York family. “You met him at a banquet before, and he greeted you as well.”


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