Married at First Sight Chapter 1656 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1656 by desirenovel-They were aware that Jasmine didn’t put on a show and that her invitation to them to eat ice cream was genuine, even if Josh would object.

Abi went to the nearest store that Jasmine mentioned to buy ice cream.

After Abi went to get ice cream, Jasmine went back to the store and waited, thinking that she would soon be able to eat ice cream and feel very refreshed.

Soon, Abi came back. He entered the store empty-handed and Return the recovered money to Jasmine.

“Where’s the ice cream?” Jasmine asked puzzled.

“I bought it back and shared it with them. Young Mistress, thank you for inviting us to eat ice cream.”

Abi gave Jasmine the money back and made sure to thank her for everyone’s.

When the weather was hot, eating ice cream was very refreshing.

Jasmine took the money and asked him: “Does everyone have a share?”

Abi: “Well, everyone has a share.”

Naturally, Abi purchase them for his coworkers after Jasmine treated them to ice cream. Abi would still purchase them for himself and his coworkers but not for her.

Jasmine really wanted to ask everyone has a share, why not buy it for her?

“Thank you miss for the treat.” Abi thanked Jasmine again.

Jasmine was disappointed in her heart, but she didn’t show it on her face, and said with a smile: “You find a cool place to sit, don’t get sunstroke, I won’t go anywhere, don’t need to guard,”

Abi hummed.

After going out, Abi still guarded near the bookstore.

Jasmine sighed helplessly.

She said to herself: “Why didn’t you think of buying me a copy? I said that everyone has a share, and I am also human.”

She touched her flat belly again. She didn’t look like she’s pregnant.

“I don’t know if you are a boy or a girl. Once I have you, I won’t even be able to eat ice cream. After you are born, I will eat more and get back my money with profits.”

What she wanted to eat was ice cream. In order to eat ice cream, she even specially invited the bodyguards to eat ice cream. Unfortunately, her wish had not yet been fulfilled.


After Serenity left the bookstore with Sonny, she first took a detour to Spring Blossoms.

Camryn was the only one in the flower shop, and her two shop assistants had gone to deliver flowers to the customers.

Camryn put a wicker chair in the store, she was lying on the wicker chair, she didn’t know what she was thinking, when Serenity dragged Sonny into the store, she didn’t even respond.

In the past, when Serenity got out of the car, Camryn would be able to tell that it was Serenity.

Her hearing was very good.

Serenity led Sonny to Camryn, but Camryn still didn’t respond.

“Auntie Camryn.” Sonny politely called Camryn.

Since Serenity and Camryn had a very good personal relationship, and Sonny often went in and out with his aunt, he was also very familiar with Camryn, knowing that Auntie Camryn was invisible, so every time he saw Camryn, he took the initiative say hello.

That’s how Camryn knew it was Soony.

Camryn still didn’t respond.

Sonny didn’t get a response, so he looked up at Serenity.

Serenity said gently, “Maybe you didn’t scream loud enough, your Auntie Camryn didn’t hear it.”


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