Married at First Sight Chapter 1657 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 1657 by desirenovel-Sonny immediately called Auntie Camryn again, this time he called very loudly.

Camryn finally came to her senses.

She was still a little flustered, so she stretched out her hand to touch Sonny, and when she touched Sonny, she showed a gentle smile, “Sonny, you’re here, did you come with her mother?”

Liberty always came to this store to buy flower pots and bring them back to grow. The flowers Liberty rose always die, and when it died, she came to buy a few more pots, and asked Camryn about her experience in growing flowers.

“My aunt Serenity and I went together. Auntie Camryn, you were unaware that my aunt and I had entered the room. I just called you, but you did not answer.”

Camryn apologized: “Sonny, I’m sorry, I was thinking about something just now, and I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn’t hear the footsteps of you and your aunt.”

Camryn looked at Serenity, “Serenity, you are here, why are you free to come here today?”

“Evening I want to accompany Zachary to the charity dinner, and I want to close the door and go home in the afternoon to make preparations. Sonny went to my place in the morning, and I will take him back to my sister’s house first, and come in to have a look when I pass by you.”

Serenity moved here by herself and collected two chairs and gave one to her nephew.

After she sat down, she asked Camryn with concern, “Is the family matter still unresolved?”

Camryn fired his cousin, and when they came to make trouble, Callum happened to be present. After paying Camryn more than $20,000, although they didn’t come to smash the store again, they didn’t stop there either.

Camryn’s two aunts came forward and pestered Camryn non-stop, using both soft and hard methods, using all kinds of means, just to get the Chandler and Joyner families brothers to return to the Newman family.

“They can’t threaten me.” Camryn said, her heart was very firm.

If she didn’t let go, they would definitely not be able to return to Newman’s to work.

“I’m worried that Trenton won’t do well in the exam.”

Tomorrow was the time for the college entrance examination.

Serenity heard her say that Trenton’s academic performance was very good, and Camryn tightly covered up the family affairs, and did not let his younger brother know the truth, Trenton should not fail the exam.

Serenity said: “You said that your brother’s grades are very good, don’t worry, as long as he performs as usual, he can be admitted to the university of his choice.”

Camryn smiled, “I hope so. After the college entrance examination is over, I will show my cards to Trenton.”

For a moment, Serenity didn’t know how to answer.

Serenity and her sister were of the same father and mother, and they had a very good relationship.

Camryn and her younger brother were of the same mother and half father. On the surface, Camryn was alienated and indifferent to her younger brother, which was different from the sisterhood of Serenity and sisters.

Serenity didn’t have much to say if she wasn’t in Camryn’s position and couldn’t understand Camryn’s difficulties.

Sonny couldn’t sit still, felt here and there in the shop, wanted to pick flowers several times, but didn’t dare.

The last time he picked flowers at her aunt’s house, she was educated by his mother.

Camryn: “Serenity, I want to ask you something.”

Serenity said gently, “Ask, I will tell you everything I know. Do you want some water? I’ll pour you a glass of water.”

Feeling thirsty, she got up to pour herself some water, and when she came to Camryn’s place, it’s like returning to her own shop, and she didn’t need Camryn to entertain her.

Camryn: “No, thank you. Serenity, I’m really sorry, every time you come here, I don’t treat you well.”

Serenity: “What’s the relationship between us, do you still have to say those polite words? I’m not polite to you either.”

“Auntie, I want to drink water too.” Seeing Auntie pouring water, Sonny wanted to drink water too.


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